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10 years of blood work back, please help
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10 years of blood work back, please help

I got my test results back today. I will be seeing my Dr. next week. All signs point to lupus or MCTD. I have felt lousy for ten years. Bad fatigue that is unrelieved by rest and aches/pains, as well as just feeling crummy in general. I also have Raynaud's that affects my toes as well as a sleep study that has documented sleep disturbances.

The ANA titer was 1:40, so not bad I believe.
The pattern was speckled.
It says ANA: POS

MY SED rate and my C Reactive Protein were high, as always, so that shows inflammation. There were some other markers that were high as well: Basophils and Eosinophils. I looked tem up and it looks like they have to do with immune issues/inflammation.

Can anyone help me interpret? I can't see this as anything but Lupus or MCTD. I don't have the hallmark symptoms of Scleroderma or Sjorgens. My Rhematoid Factor was normal.

With these results and a decade worth of symptoms.....
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    I'm sorry to hear about all your problems. I don't really think I can help very much since I don't know a whole lot about autoimmunes but I have a lot of the same symptoms as you. I have fatigue, aches and pains, as well as Raynaud's. I was just diagnosed with an autoimmune disease but they haven't figured out which yet, though my Rheumy is thinking Lupus. I had an ANA of 1:160 but most everything else came back unexciting. I also just had my gallbladder removed. I was just started on Plaquenil which is a very common treatment for Lupus, but it takes months to start working. Are you seeing a Rheumatologist or just your PCP? Positive ANA's almost always mean an autoimmune and yours was normal, but the SED rate definitely does indicate inflammation that is most likely the cause of most of your symptoms. Let me know what your doctor says when you see them. They may but you on a steroid like Prendisone or an anti-inflammatory. These sorts of diagnoses take a lot of time so try not to get discouraged...ten years is a long time. I hope you start feeling better soon and sorry for not having too much information. Good luck and keep me posted!

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