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Can Plaquenil cause a false negative ANA
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Can Plaquenil cause a false negative ANA

I am concerned after reading all the comments posted. Last year my dermatologist did a biopsy of recurrent patches of dry, red skin that seemed to appear after sun exposure or became worse after the exposure. It was not the typical butterfly rash. He said the test was not conclusive for discoid lupus but felt that was the diagnosis even though ANA negative. He started me on Plaquenil 200 mg twice a day. I stopped the medicice in January and symptoms were better until May when I was on vacation at a lake in Tn. I started the medicine back immediately and followed up with my derm 2 weeks later. He was concerned and sent me to Rheum thinking that I had Lupus. I have had severe joint pain but only in my knees; so bad I cry at night. The Rheum ordered labs and placed me on Lyica for the pain, which does help. The Rheum MD just called telling me my labs were normal and my ANA was just under 1.6 & Vit D 34 (abn less 30) so he felt I did not have Lupus but to stay on the Lyrica. He said my other labs were also normal. My concern is that I have been on Plaquenil for a while now, can it cause a false negative ANA? Basically because of the meds is there a possibility that my labs could be normal due to this?
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I had one positive ANA and then negative.  My rehumy put me on plaquenil.  It helped some.  Later he told me I also have fibromyalgia and started lyrica which has tremendously helped.  My ANA stays negative and he says that because I don't have severe disease and due to being on the plaquenil that my ANA is staying negative.

You do  need to ensure you are having eye exams every 6 months and tell your eye doctor you are on plaquenil.
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