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Discoid Lupus Symptoms?
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Discoid Lupus Symptoms?

Hello All,

I'm a girl who's been searching for answers.  I have what my doctor believes is nummular dermatitis, but it doesn't behave or look like your average nummular dermatitis.  I'm currently waiting on my biopsy results.  In the meantime, I've been trying to do my own research to see if I can find any rash patterns that match what I have on my leg.  So far, I've only gotten a few ideas...discoid lupus being one of them.  

My question is this - does the rash in discoid lupus itch intensely?  I've read that only sometimes this occurs.  I also am hoping to find out more information on localized discoid lupus.  With my research, I haven't found that I fit all the symptoms of this disease exactly (no butterfly markings), but the raised lesions that have popped up on my lower left leg eerily match the patterns of the lupus rash.  Is it common for people to experience this rash in lower extremities?  

I'm hoping someone can help me with my learning curve.  I've included a few facts below.  

My condition:
-  I'm a 28 year old multi-ethnic female (Hawaiian/Portuguese).
- 1st lesion came up like an ingrown hair in August 2009.  Got bigger and blossomed into what I thought was ringworm.  Treated it with Terbinafine - two types, regular and extra strength.  Turns out it wasn't ringworm and I ended up in emergency with a streptococcal infeciton.
- After two weeks of recovery, infection cleared but two small pimple like spots appeared in the original site.  Merged into one and itchy sore formed again.  Second spot popped up like a blister on the back of my leg.  Third spot emerged behind my knee.  All in October.
- Since then, been diagnosed with Nummular Dermatitis, although doc doesn't understand why it only stays on my left lower leg.
- I've had at least 5 breakouts in the same spots since October and two new spots pop up in January.
- Biopsy just done and waiting info.

- circular disc lesions with raised red edges.  Almost looks blistery, but dry.  Center is first dark in original breakout, then turns clear.
- Second, third, fourth breakouts in same spots branch out in an uneven circular pattern with white center.  
- When breakout occurs, is insessantly itchy, especially at night.  
- When healing, can sometimes be very dark.  Behind leg especially.
- Been on four different topical corticosteroids since October and nothing has worked.
- No history of eczema in my family.  However, my mother is sensitive to too much sun exposure and breaks out in rash on her arms if out in sun too long.
- No history of Lupus in my family.
- Normally my legs don't get much sun, but over this last summer I moved to a much warmer climate and wore more shorts/dresses, ect.  First time legs have gotten that much sun exposure in a long time.  
- I usually use tanning lotion or a good sunblock when I'm out.
- Have been feeling very fatigued since about June.
- Have had problems with migraines since May.  Occurance was at least three days every month from May to August.  Now is sporadic.

Just hoping to find better first-hand experience with the disease.  I'm planning to ask my doctor if there's a possibility of my condition actually matching this one.  I just feel very depressed about my leg right now and the itchiness is causing me so much anxiety.  If I knew for sure what it was, I'd feel a lot better.  My doctor actually called me a "Mystery Girl" - what everyone loves hearing.  Even though he's said he thinks it's nummular dermatitis, it's not for certain and he can't figure out why the lesions behave the way they do.  

Anyway, thanks for reading and hope you can help.

aka LeperGirl
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1201401 tn?1265828854
Hello Melody,

i too experience a rash with a ring worm like, but mine is not itchy. I have lupus but my rashes seep to spread and travel. i get the all over my body but not on the face (i happy for that) however most of the time they burn if i press on them or hot water hits them.
You said you only get them on your leg?? have you got tested for Lyme disease?????
1136439 tn?1290181652
I have subacute cutaneous lupus. This started on my arms but I also break out on my back and chest. Sometimes they are itchy and sometimes not. I have never had a Discoidal breakout on my legs but I also get a different kind of rash from the sun and this can be very itchy and I have gotten this on my legs.
I agree with Jazz. I would get checked for lyme. There are many other autoimmune diseases that cause rashes. I biopsy will tell alot.
Whatever you do, dont give up. The hardest part was not knowing for me.
Have you had any lab work done such as an ANA test?
Keep your chin up and keep on your doctors.
Avatar n tn
Hi Jazz and Andrea,

Thank you so much for replying!  I get my biopsy results this afternoon so I'm crossing my fingers that a answers and a better treatment come out of this.  It's funny you mentioned Lyme disease.  That was one of the things I was going to ask my doctor about.  So far I've found at least three rash outbreaks that match my pattern - ringworm, lyme disease, and discoidal lupus.  Nummular only matches vaguely and only in the initial breakout.  I was particularly wondering about the Lyme too because we had gone camping in August, right before all this started.  I tried telling all this to my doctors but they seem adamant that it's a form of dermatitis and not something else.  I'm going to ask again today and see if they can check anyway.

I haven't had an ANA test yet.  I did have labwork done in December when I got super sick with a sinus infection.  The doc ran a mono test on me that came back negative.  Other than that, I've just had this biopsy.

Lately it's been difficult sleeping because the medicine that should take down the itch isn't working.  And antihistamine do nothing at all.  I'm lucky if I get a full night's sleep.  I've also noticed that a lump has formed on the back of my leg not too far off from the biopsy spot.  It is pretty dark looking and hurts if I press on it.  I'm definitely making sure that my doc takes a look at that today.  I'm wondering if when he did the biopsy he aggravated a vein or something.  Whatever it is, it doesn't belong there.

I really appreciate you guys taking the time to read the post.  Makes me feel better being able to hear some feedback.  

Thank you,
Avatar n tn
Update for everyone....

I apparently am fungus-ridden.  The biopsy came back from UCSF and said that I had some allergic reaction to a bug bite or medication.  And then on top of that, the doc looked at my leg and finally decided to do a skin scraping (which he probably should have done to begin with).  And guess's ringworm.  Now if the doctor would have listened to me in the first place when I told him that's what I originally thought I had, maybe I wouldn't have gone months feeling like a leper and going crazy trying not to scratch anything.  But at least I know what I have now.  And I've been prescribed some new topical medication that should work miracles (crossing fingers).  Except of course I have to wait till tomorrow to get it because the pharmacy needs it delivered.

Oh yes...and on top of all that, the lump on the back of my leg seems to be an inflamed vein.  So I've been ordered to do hot compresses and elevate my leg till it's gone.  

Thank you all for taking the time to read my post and giving suggestions.  I really appreciated the support.  

So Unbelievably relieved and excited to not be so itchy,
1136439 tn?1290181652
Great news!!! So happy for you!!!
Take care, Andrea
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