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High ANA and joint pain
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High ANA and joint pain

Back in June I was sick (fatigue and flu like symptoms) and after about 10 days my joints (ankles and knees) started to ache.  I followed up with my family doctor, had some bloodwork done for lyme, and the result was that I only had a virus.  By mid July when I still had fatigue and joint pain, I followed up again and this time an ANA panal was performed (along with another lyme test).  I will prefece this by saying that my mother and her side of the family have autoimmune disorders (and thyroid disorders), and I previously had an acute parvo virus and mono-type virus in past years.  The lyme came back negative, but my ANA was 1:640 speckled pattern.  I've followed up with a Rheumotologist who also performed a battery of blood tests, and again my ANA came back 1:640, along with my Thryoglobulin Antibodies (74) and Thyroid Peroxidase antibodies (>1000).  Since my hormone levels are still in the normal range, the Doctor felt that my fatigue and joint pain (which has now moved up to my elbows, wrists, and fingers) is not attributable to my thyroid issue, but rather a vitamin D deficiency and recommeded I go on supplements.  I did some research on vitamin D deficiency, and the symptoms I read about are weak/sore bones and muscle weakness.  I specifically have joint pain and fatigue - I've also noticed that the bridge of my nose to  just the start of my cheek is a little pink, especially right after a shower.  Being that the lupus bloodwork he ran came back negative, should I still have cause for worry?  My mother has mixed connective tissue disorder, my aunt has celiac, my grandmother has parkinsons (and most likely celiac) and almost all the females in my family have hypothyroidism.  Am I really just experiencing a vitamin D deficiency or is there more going on (especially in the beginning stages)?
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Hi Vivian,
Welcome to MedHelp Lupus forum.

I hope we can help.  I think your intuition is correct.  Low vit D levels can cause a lot of symptoms.  Muscle cramps, waddling walk, bone pain, fatigue, insomnia, tingling in extremeities, diarrhea, depression, heart palpitations, and confusion.  Joint pain is not listed there.  

Lupus is a disease that drs. don't rush in and give dx.  It usually progresses along.  Some rhematologist are easier to work with than others.  Some, you have to have organ involvement before they give a dx.  My dr. has told me I have mild lupus, but on paper, it is not in my chart.  Maybe for insurance reasons.  But she has me on Plaquinel.  And I'm doing so much better.

There are 11 criteria for lupus.  One must have 4 in order to get a dx.  
They are:
1. malar rash over cheeks (butterfly rash)
2. discoid rash, red raised patches
3. photosensitivity - reaction to sunlight, resulting in skin rash
4. oral and nose ulcers
5. arthritis
6. serositis - inflamation (inflammation) of the lining of the lung or heart
7. reanl disorder - excessive protein in urine and/or cellular casts
8. neurologic disorder - seizures, or psychosis
9. anemia or low white blood countor lymphopenia or low platelet count
10. positive ANA
11. positive anti-DNA or anti-Sm, or antiphospholipid antibody or false pos. syphilis test

Other symptoms are:
hair falling out
muscle pain and weakness
poor memory
tingling in extremities
weight loss
abdominal pain
blurred vision
raynauds (where fingers turn white when cold)
intollerance to cold
sore throat name a few

So, if you don't have at least 4 of the 11, your doctor will be hesitant to even consider a dx.  Many people are sick for many years before they are dx.  I was sick for 2 years, which I'm learning is quick.  o me, it was not quick enough.  

There are several lupus "look alikes".  They are fibromyalgia, CFID, lymes and MS.  And vit D deficiency is another.  But the only illness that would also have an elevated ANA is MS and you are definitely not having the nerological symptoms assoiciated w/ MS.

The speckled pattern is seen in SLE (lupus) and numerous other autoimmune diseases and in some healthy individuals.  640 is considered significant, but not screaming.  My dr. sloughed a 640 reading off, but took a second look when it got higher.  Someone on MedHelp suggested that a person spend time in the sun prior to being tested.  Mine jumped to 2,560 from just spending about 30 min. on a hot sunny July day.  I finally got some help.  

If you research about lupus, you will quickly realize how complicated this and other autoimmune diseases are.  

Wish you well,
God bless, Kara
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Thank you for your information. I was afraid that I wouldn't get any quick answers, and it looks like that I won't.  Being patient is hard when you're not feeling yourself (especially when I was completely healthy just 5 months ago!).
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