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Long story, please help me
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Long story, please help me

Hi Group,

My story it's long and complicated, i'll try to be brief and sory for my poor english.

In Nov 2007 starded following symptoms:

Numbing hands and fingers
Back pain
Stiff neck
Short term memory loss
Low energy
My right arm and leg feel week
Tingling in my back
Muscles twitches
Slurres speech
Poor balance

This is some of my symptoms.I saw all kind of doctors, all said that i'm fine and maybe it's all anxiety.I had 5 MRI, everythink look fine, all doctors exclude MS.Because all doctors said that i'm fine, i tried to live with my symptoms.Ok, look what happend.

I was visiting a massage parol here in Romania.The girl( don't know her hiv status) start rubbing hard her vagine over my penis.There wasn't any kind of penetration, i sure about this, but the frottage was really hard.Next day, i felt somethink is wrong with my penis.After 3 days my penis become red and i had a burning feeling.I went to a dermatologist and he gave me metronidazol and doxycycline for 1 week.After that the burning was still there, i went another doctor who gave me cyprofloxacin for 1 week(1g each day).From now on, started my concerns regarding hiv.After 2 weeks from my exposure, i had feverish(low degrees) for 4-5 weeks.After 1 more week i had high fever and very bad diarrhea with blood in stool, about 3 days.After 1 week more, all other symptoms have shown: white tongue and aftoasa stomatitis, burning legs and hands, fatigue, constipation/diarrhea, rumbling stomach, feverish senzation, some sort of inflamation (inflammation) in all body, i lost some kg, night sweats, sore throat and, bad taste in my mouth.Even now i have low degree fever and sore throat.


HIV 1/2 Ab - 3 weeks - negative
HIV 1/2 Ab - 5 weeks - negative
HIV 1/2 Ab/Ag - 8 weeks - negative
PCR RNA HIV 1 - 7 and a half weeks - not detected(detection limit 20 copies/ml)
HIV 1/2 Ab - 11 weeks - negative
HIV 1/2 Ab - 12 weeks - negative(rapid test, not ELISA)
HIV 1/2 Ab/Ag - 15 weeks - negative (4 gen test)
Low lymfocites 19.5% 2 mounths ago but normal now 33%

Ok, finally mi ID doc order ELISA for borrelia which (surprise) come back strong positive for igM and negative for igG (reading was 5 for igG and cute off value was 9).I was happy that i know what is going on with me, but my WB come back negative for igG and igM.I don't know anythink about the bands because it's just written "negative".Now i feel so depressed because i don't know what's going on.I will repeat my ELISA and after WB somewere else.All other autoimmune diseases was tested and it's negative.My ID doc said to me today that HIV is excluded.I want to mention, that i live in a area where a lot of peoples have lyme.I also read that fals positive borrelia may show that in fact it's HIV.

Any answer will be really apprecieted.

Thanks o lot.
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Welcome to MedHelp Lyme --

I am sorry to hear what a hard time you are having, but your focus and determination are very good qualities that will help you going forward.

The Lyme tests are NOT very accurate, and wise medical doctors (MDs) here in the US know that the tests should only be used as an indicator, *not* as the diagnosis.  As medicine has become more and more scientifically oriented, the MDs look at the test results and assume they test MUST be correct, but that is not wise especially in the still-developing understanding of Lyme disease (borreliosis).

I just did a google search for --

lyme disease romania

-- and found some very interesting links and articles.  It may take some searching and calls to find an MD who will be useful to you, but it is very much worthwhile.  You could even try contacting some of the researchers on the scientific/medical papers that have been published to ask if they know of an MD who is very interested in Lyme disease and has a broadminded approach.  Here in the US, the researchers who 'believe' in Lyme as a serious disease often interact with the clinical MDs at conferences, and the same may well be true where you are.  The internet is a wonderful resource, but it takes some searching to find an LLMD, because in some states here, LLMDs are suppressed by the medical authorities.  

The internet is your friend -- do some searching and see what you find.  Best wishes to you -- please let us know how you are doing -- and do *not* give up!
Thank you very much for your answer.My ID doc belive inlyme and she had a lot of patients with lyme.I just want to comment my situation and tell me please if my symptoms may be to lyme

Thanks you so much!!
I'm so happy to hear that your doc believes in Lyme!  

I understand what you say about wanting to be certain what illness you have.  Lyme is different in everyone, so do not be distressed that your test results and symptoms are not more clear.

Also, Lyme causes anxiety and emotional upset -- it is very common in many of us.  That will stop with treatment.  

Good luck!
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