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Lyme suppression

Judging by the messages that hit my e-mail within seconds I guess I better post as much as this site will allow then anyone is welcome to ask questions. Here is what "cured" me.  I'll leave out the 99% dead ends, wrong information, wrong doctor guesses and so forth. Nor details covered on Web sites I'll list:
1. metabolism: basically "metabolizes" the "good stuff" into the body and eliminates the bad stuff.  Have a low metabolic rate long enough and you become very toxic.  How can you tell?  Do NOT waste money on the hundreds of "Super Detox Now!" pills, etc. - worthless.  Or anything said to increase your pH.  You can eat calcium non-stop and your cell pH (NOT blood pH) will not change.  The ONLY thing that will detox the body is the body itself.  IF your immune system is "hammered" by a disease for at least six months it begins to break down.   How can you tell?  Simple!   Take your body temp daily for a week and average it.  Do NOT take it within two hours of eating or drinking anything.  3 PM is a good time of the day.  As a second test, test your cell pH (the water in the billions of cells of your body) with pH test strips.  I like the Alkalive pH Stix found on eBay and Amazon.  80 for about $12.  Test either urine or saliva.  I test saliva.   I found no difference.  Spit into a spoon then dip the strip into the spoon for 30 seconds then compare color to color chart on box.  Do NOT do any of this first thing in the morning. If your average body temp is 98 or below and/or pH is 6, or below you have Wilson's Syndrome     Do NOT let a thyroid doctor talk you into taking T4.  You will get worse.  Somehow find a thyroid doctor who knows WS and writes you a prescription for  a starter pack of T3.  Then follow instructions to work up to right amount of T3.  Your body temp will climb, you will begin to detox and you will feel better quickly.  Took me six weeks to go from 92 to 98.6 and become fully detoxed.  More info at  I am now on a low amount of T3. Hope to be at zero soon/

2. Now do a "Hulda flush".  $11 worth of grocery store items.   Follow instructions EXACTLY.  This flushes out your liver, gall bladder and bile ducts. I will not describe what will come out of you BUT that is what was gunking up your liver not allowing your blood to be cleansed of Lyme and who knows what and make clean, fresh blood.  Google it or see

3.AFTER you are detoxed, metabolism working and liver doing its thing  plus have heavy metals out of you with Cilantro (read all the Web sites) have a CD57 Lyme test run (the old CDC test is bogus bogus bogus!).  LabCorp is one of few labs that does this and does it well.  This tests for Lyme.  Also test for co-infection Bartonella and babesia.  80% chance you will have both.  You MUST get rid of these too or just getting rid of Lyme -- you will still feel awful.  Babesia is easy to get rid of but EXPENSIVE.   Mepron.  $1,200 a month for up to six months!  Bartonella is  painful and much harder to get rid of.   I am still fighting it with antibiotics.   Next step - assuming you test positive for Lyme and/or co-infections.

3.  Your LLMD will put you on heavy duty antibiotics.  Why not start those right away?   With your metabolism slow to almost stopped antibiotics zipped right on through your body but toxicity stayed!  I probably wasted $20,000 on antibiotics that made a race through my body doing ALMOST nothing going so fast. I was and am still on doxycycline and Zithromax.  I've been on others including IV Ceftin. Also, with the liver NOT cleaning your blood you are just moving Lyme from one organ to another.  If your body is working correctly the antibiotics work QUICKLY.

If you are like me and many dozens of other Lyme sufferers who have done this, your skin will moisten and no longer be pasty white.  You'll regain energy, etc. etc.  Odd things will happen.  I constantly had moles grow on me.  Over 100 just fell off or faded away.  

I am now back to work and feel normal except the darn Bartonella (my LLMD suspects) as I still have to take pain meds.   But it is getting MUCH better and the Bartonella test shows I am 80% better.  My CD57 is now 121 (above 200 is considered having no Lyme). I began at 31.   I now test zero for babesia.  My LLMD expects my continuation of antibiotics will have me above 200 by September.

Frustrating point I'll be perfectly honest about is my LLMD thinks the metabolism (going from 92 to 98.6 and the Hulda flush (cleaning my liver) has nothing to do with my sudden Lyme "cure". A patient figuring something out on his own!  Not likely!   Dr. Wilson believes me.     "Not Invented Here" syndrome. BUT she is otherwise a good LLMD knowing the right tests and antibiotics.   It just takes her YEARS to cure patients.  I say it is because their metabolism is a wreck and their liver is gunked up NOT cleaning the blood stream.  Break the Lyme free and it just goes elsewhere.   A working liver CLEANS it out as it passed by!!    Few LLMD's stop to think about metabolism and the liver.  Both are VERY important and I have won over a few LLMD's who tried all this on their patients.  All that matters are the results!

4.   You may find your immune system being clobbered did other bad things.  For instance, my testosterone was almost zero!   I'm now at 425 and climbing (with shots).  Who knows what else it can do.  Every person is different.  

Feel free to write with questions.  You have to do this in sequence and do it right.  I have been encouraged by many who have gotten well or are the way to regaining their health to write a book.   How do I expand this into 200 pages!  BIG letters maybe!  

DISCLAIMER:  I am not a doctor and have NO medical training.  I just had Lyme REALLY bad and it almost killed me.  I was a research electronics engineer so I put my talents of research to this and it helped.  Me not being a doctor, this is just my story.  Do NOT do anything solely based on  what you read here.  If you find a good LLMD AND one who knows of Wilson's Syndrome then a thyroid doctor who knows about thyroid T3 you are VERY lucky.  I am in Kansas City and can refer you to doctors in the Midwest.  If you disagree with all this, please don't yell at me.  Just hit delete. If this helps (remember: I am NOT a doctor) telling me about your improvement would be nice.  I think I've helped a lot of people and would like to help more.  I am NOT in this to make a nickel.  e-mail is ***@****
Hope this isn't so long that is does not post!
Take care!
Gary in Kansas

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Interesting post. Glad to hear you are doing better.

I'm no expert on this stuff and just go off what I read, but there seems to be a lot of debate about the CD57 not being accurate in a diagnosis of Lyme or of recovery. My LLMD did it and it was low for me, but I have read more comments negative about the CD57 tests than positive.

I like things herbal and natural and I don't follow the same belief on antibiotics as most others. I agree that they seem to help a lot of people, but they are still toxic stuff to be taking. Bactrim messed with me fairly well and it wasn't herxing.

I like your first two points although I'm not sure about the T3. I took some Armour for awhile without much avail, but backed off of it due to the risk of atrophy of the thyroid. Once the thyroid atrophies, it's not coming back. Is that the same risk with whatever T3 medication you were taking?
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