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"Mainstream" study on Rife
I haven't been able, yet, to find out if this study is ongoing, cancelled, finished and in process of being published. (Not all studies get published, but I would guess that with the name of Dr. Phillips attached to it, it will be.) '

But here is a great chance for people who want to treat 'out of the box' to find out for themselves. My only problem, and it's just mine most likely, is the study is only lasts (or only lasted) 6 months.

"[...]a “mainstream” study of rife technology. Dr. Steven Phillips, M.D., of Connecticut (ILADS member) is recruiting volunteer participants for “a matched cohort study to assess for DNA damage, or the lack thereof, in patients using rife machines.” See Dr. Phillips’ flyer on the study for more information (the flyer has been approved by the Institutional Review Board at the hospital he is working with for this study)."

Dr Phillips is no longer accepting patients so the full name is permitted.

Here is the flyer for the study but because of the mention of 'lymebook' it might be from a person who has earned some disrepute in the Lyme world. And some impassioned followers. However the email to contact for participation in that study is on the flyer.


The grant was given by Turn the Corner, where Dr. Phillips is a board member.
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