exercise make it worse?
by oliviamarie12345, Jul 15, 2008
I do cardio everyday for 30 minutes. My face and head hurt so much worse both immediately and hours after I exercise. Does exercise make lyme symptoms worse?
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by winfree, Aug 04, 2008
Do you have lyme? How ill are you? How effective has treatmtent been?
Yes it will make it worse. Do you get more fatigued and do not recover well? I had terrible face and neck pain; activity increased it. All my symptoms that kicked in at different stages were worse with exercise and general activity. One lyme dr. said do not have these patients do aerobic exercise as they are literally starved for oxygen. I believe it.
You have to learn how to pace and limit activity, which is very hard because how you feel changes from day to day.
Best things for me for the face pain was effective antibiotic treatment and getting lymphatic drainage massage in my neck, face for over a year, through physical therapy.
by oliviamarie12345, Oct 17, 2008
I asked about the Lyme facial pain. I do have Lyme and my main symptom is headache/facial pain. Exercise does make it worse, so I don't. Is there anything that helped your face pain? Mine gets so terrible at times! I am on treatment, antibiotics, antifungals, and supplements like probiotics. Any advice would be much appreciated. Please and thank you.
by bknees, Oct 17, 2008
My husband and daughter both battle lyme.  For years, when hubby exercises or does rigorous activity (because he overdoes it when he has a "good day"), he ends up the next day with diarrhea and horrible neck, jaw, shoulder pain.

The explanation from our LLMD is that the increased oxygen and blood flow is actually killing off borrelllia (lyme) bacteria. The resulting die-off causes toxins to build in the tissues and in his case the GI tract.  The muscles ache with toxin, and the GI uses the diarrhea to expel the toxins.
Steady, low impact exercise is essential.  Cardio is great, in small doses. Borrellia hates oxygen and heat. Exercise creates increase in body temp and oxygen.
SUGGESTION:  HOT baths hot as you can stand....with 2-3 cups of epsom salts and a quart or two of hydrogen peroxide. THEORY: Hydrogen peroxide adds an extra oxygen molecule to the water, and bonus...has an antiseptic effect on the skin..the organ that must "throw off" the toxins.  The heat and epsom salts open the pores, increasing the effectiveness of the peroxide...and bonus...eases the muscle aches!
It is a low cost treatment that really works.
Our best wishes for your trek to recovery!
by bknees, Oct 17, 2008
Forgot to mention...the hubby actually uses a snorkel in the tub! His thinking is that he is treating his full body if he submerses himself. We have checked his temp...and we try to get his temp to 101 for 5 minutes at least a couple times a week.  
Of course, you would not want to keep your brain in very hot water for long, but in the shower/bath heat, he has found it effective.
He used to have a constant patch of itchy dry red skin over his nose and eyes....he no longer has that if he continues this therapy on a regular basis.
His theory is also that (no this may just be fanciful thinking) but in the wild, foxes and dogs will hold a stick in their mouths when they have fleas, wade into the water, until the water goes over their heads, chasing the fleas onto the stick...which they let go to float away.
Now you probably think I am a crazy person! haahahhaaaa...
But sometimes we need to visualize treatments working...positive thinking and attitude are he imagines the bacteria have nowhere to go when he is submerged, so they die.
I hope you dont think I am psycho!. :o)
But drastic times call for drastic measures, right?
by patsy10, Oct 18, 2008
Exercise makes it worse.  I'm always stiff and sore but it gets worse after exercise.  I exercise anyway 4 days a week.
by oliviamarie12345, Oct 18, 2008
thank you to everyone

no I don't think you are crazy lol

I have heard of people going out of the country where doctors heat up their body temp for lyme and even cancer

by jason80, Oct 18, 2008
I have neuropathatic pain and I find that exercise may exacerbate pain, but usually afterwards I feel better, which I suppose maybe due to endorphins helping. At some point afterwards my regular symptoms return.  I think exercise is net beneficial, but definitely frustrating that it is tougher to do when it hurts.

If you have peripheral neuropathy symptoms as I do, then I find that heating is worse for skin pain. I guess each person has their own experience, cold showers are better for me.
by Deligirl1, Oct 19, 2008
my dr was so happy that we had a hot tub.  she said to try to use it every other day and stay in about 15-30 minutes. Personally i like it between 99-101.  said I would be very tired afterwards but that it will help to increase die off.  Well what a great excuse to have to relax!!!  I am taking full advantage when I can... as a side note..we are all a bit "crazy" at times, once i get comfortable I always think "okay you cites, time to die"  it brings me a little triumph while I am in there..  we all need that mental boost even if it is a little off the wall at times..  lol
by di17, Mar 18, 2009
I have lyme disease ..I  find exercise does make my muscle hurt and feel weak.. Will the weakness ever go away?