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Hi everyone!  So glad I found this site...My name is Kim and I was officially diagnosed with MSK 2 years ago..I don;t know anyone else who ha this disease. I have been in and out of ER dozens of times, passed a few stones, have had many infections, and am going for lithotripsy next month.  Both my kidneys are full of stones. So far haven't really found a great doc to help manage this....I have symptoms almost every day....pain, urinary stuff, bloody urine, etc.  At work I am in the bathroom frequently and have thrown up a few times lately and been very nauseated.  Just wanted to talk with some people to see what your experiences are, how you manage this, etc.. I have 3 young kids and a part-time job, which I always fear am close to losing my job cuz always sick!   Anyway glad to meet you all!
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thanks for stopping by .. the regular site is a bit more active .. so want to share the link to it, also


We don't want you to think we're ignoring you, just a bit tight on people being able to resond right now and want you to get support

MSK with Stones
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