msk and back pain
hi i am new to this site and was surprised to see it. it was nice to read that other people out there know what i am going through. i have had bad back pain since i was a child which made me throw up.  my mom took me to the hospital lots but i was always told i was fine, after x-rays and blood tests.i had this back pain right up until i was 16 then it went away.
when i got prengant at 19  i was sick for 9 months plus. i could not stop getting sick for atleast a year after i had the baby and my doctor gave me a ultra sound  and i was told i have msk. i was told to drink lots of water and didnt not get told anything else about it. the doctor said but that is not what is making you sick.
i am now 24 and i have not got sick everyday for almost a year, its only once in awhile. but now my back pain is back and i am not sure why??? it is making me sick also. the pain is on real its like someone stabbing you with a dull knife. i know there are certain foods that bother me but i try to avoid to much of them i thought thats why i was feeling better until now. the pain in my left side of my back goes through to my front all i can do is lay down. i was just wondering if someone knows what i can do to help me?? or any info would be great. thank you
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Hello and welcome!  In the Health Pages there are some links to foods to eat, etc. that we've found helpful.  I find fruit juices can sting and hurt.  For me, hot hot baths help but only temporarily.

I'm sure others will have some ideas.  Sorry to hear you have MSK, but so glad you found us!

MSK with Stones

PS:  Do you have stones????
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