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Timeframe from diagnosis to TTC or pregnancy?
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This Group was created for anyone wishing to learn, chat or share information relating to MTHFR. Many woman have suffered Miscarriage(s) and have no idea why. For some of us, a genetic mutation called MTHFR is the reason. MTHFR (or 5,10-methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase NADPH) is a genetic mutation that has 24 known variants that affects the ability to absorb Folic Acid and can cause more severe problems in health and also in pregnancy. There is much debate and dispute within the medical community regarding MTHFR and it's relationship to pregnancy loss or Recurrent Pregnancy Loss (RPL). In all the confusion, there are many ideas and treatments along with schools of thought on how to treat or deal with MTHFR.

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Timeframe from diagnosis to TTC or pregnancy?


I was diagnosed in January 2011 with MTHFR. I also have a variety of other rare diagnosis'. My doctor explained that I would need to start supplementation (Neevo DHA and B12 injections) and wait at least 6 months before trying to conceive. (oh, and birth control)
Due to my other conditions, I am trying to decide when we can start trying by the weather (I know this may sound ridiculous) The heat exacerbates 2 of my other conditions. As I realize, I can't plan it exactly, I just want to try for the optimum time and give God the rest.
I recently suffered a miscarriage (even though we were not trying). On one hand, what a blessing to find out that I can "get" pregnant (because we were not sure if this was a possibility). It was early in the pregnancy; however, it was still very difficult.
My doctor continues to tell me to wait 6 months from the start of supplementation (january). (and we are now doubling up on the supplementation of Neevo) However, she further explained that this is an "education guess"!!!     I'm not real fond of the guessing game for the health of my future baby. I do not want to be selfish and start trying because i am ready IF my body is not.

What are you experiences with receiving diagnosis of MTHFR and your doctors suggested time frame before trying to conceive?

Thank you for your input!
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