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3 hour glucose update
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3 hour glucose update

Just to give you ladies an update. I went for my 3 hour glucose yesterday and everything went ok i guess. My viens r wierd they like to fade and then collapse. They had to stick me 50million times and i got sick and really tired. I will get the results tomorrow from my doct hopefully. We also took our rhogam shot yesterday so it was a really hard day for us. Thanks everyone for all your support you ladies r the best!!!!
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i haven't posted in a while, but i've been lurking :)
i went for my WinRho (Rogam) shot on the 10th and did my glucose test after too..
but i only had to do the 50g/ 1hr test...
i have little veins too!! :( but the technician was able to stick me right the first time! :)

i totally agree with you when you said that it was a long / rough day..

i guess from all the glucose i got a "sugar high" LOL and was SO TIRED but the time i got home that i NEEDED a nap.. lol i napped for 5hrs!! lol talk about crash and burn!

i go for my Dr's appointment on Monday to go over the results.. i'm pretty sure everything is fine otherwise Dr. would have called me by now.

on sunday I will be 30 weeks!!! man, time is going by WAY TOO FAST!!!!
we painted Baby Girl's rooms and we are getting her furniture set up :)

soon she will be here, and we can't wait!!
i'm pretty sure your results will be fine! :)

YAY to March mommies!! :)

glad the tough day is behind you now.. wishing you the best and i know everything will be just fine! xo
LilBea- Thanks sweetie i sure hope my results r ok..I am going to call the doct today to see if i can get them if not i guess i will get them tuesday when i go.If they arent god thou i am ready for whatever i got to do to bring my little angel into this world healthy and strong. I know god and my mom is with me so i am not that scared anymore :) Thanks for the support i really need it right now!!

mmeriche-you r the sweetest person thanks for the support and positive thinking it helps alot and i really need it right now. I am going thru some things right now.
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