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what is your opinion:

if you really were going to go all out and splurge on just one item of the ones listed below - what would it be, and why?

i know there are a ton of different products/brands in these categories, but i tried to describe the general idea of what i am looking into. it is a tough choice! i would love to buy all three, but that would max out my baby budget. i could really only spend the $$ on one of these and find alternatives for the other two.

any opinions are appreciated :)

the crib - one that converts into toddler bed, but at additional cost
the rocking chair - a really nice one that could be used outside of nursery setting in future
the stroller - pimped out stroller that would last a couple of years minimum.
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Honestly its hard for me to pick one. but having an older daughter i would have to say the crib or stroller.. but the one that has the longest expire date. well thats if your looking for a car seat/ stroller combo. or you will be in my shoes.. lol its been 7 years since i had a baby and ALL my stuff was no longer good/ safe and out dated.. although i dont remember expire dates on anything 7 years ago..  also depending on if you and DH decide to have another shortly after your little girl, spending the extra on the crib/toddler bed would not be helpful as you will be buying one or the other for the next one anyways.. not sure if this is any help, so many different things too think about.. i personally bought a cheaper crib and am buying a more expensive stroller/car seat combo as i hope we have another one in the next few years..
With my first baby I bought best of all 3. Now my son is 2 and I am pregnant again I think I would still buy the same  things. Only thing with the convertible crib is now that I need another crib, I decided I should just buy a twin bed for my son instead of buying another crib.

Good luck
i was between the stroller and the crib but i vote it for the stroller case who knows by the time it gets to be a toddler u will have more money and the u can still pick a good bad , well just a opinion , but is hard to chose . good luck
Lol - tiffh. I know exactly how you feel. I just gave my baby bed away after 5yrs just this past January only to get pregnant in June. I am having to buy everything from scratch and it is a lil harder than I first thought (made list of things needed and after about 6 lists and adding more and more I finally got one).

Wasabic- I would go with the 4-in-1 crib that converts to toddler bed, day bed, and eventually a full bed. Not only will it last for a while but it is a very good investment. I like all the products that grow with the baby. Our bouncer is the infant-to-toddler bouncer/rocker. It turns into a rocker as the baby grows into a toddler. I used the same thing for my boys and I had theirs for years. Our high chair is also one that grows..it starts out tilted back and eventually raises completely up with a tray and the good thing is it sits in one of our kitchen chairs so it can later be used for a booster seat. I am world's worst at trying to cut corners on spending (yes, I'm a scrooge...lol).
hi i voted for the rocking chair as i have one and for late night feeds or just a comfy cuddle you cant beat it, i thought about the stroller but i have a second hand one from a surprising source!
my dad works at Bristol airport and each day passengers travel thru and some wont pay the charges for taking their strollers on board the aircraft! so the strollers get thrown into a skip out the back!!!
one day a couple decided they werent going to pay and dumped a brand new Maclaren with rain cover! as my dad was working he asked management for it and they said yea because it saved room in thier heaving skip!!!!
so i had a new maclaren stroller worth we think about £120! not inc the raincover which i think sells for about another £20!!!
some people get rid of the strangest things, and im always telling everyone..goto the local airport and find out what they do with them...if they throw them away...then make use of them, mine was practically brand new!
my point.. the budget can be `helped` by places like this, and you can get most items like those on your list xx
thanks for the feedback!

i think i have decided to splurge on the rocker. i figure that it will be the item that sticks around the longest.. and will look good in a different room of the house once i am done nursing in it. i am kind of sold on the white leather one.. i know, white.. what am i thinking!?! hopefully it won't end up with crayon markings all over it, LOL.

it will be a great reading chair, too!

this is the one, if anyone wants to know. this site has some beautiful rocking chairs/gliders. they are pricey, but simply modern, which i love:


I totally agree with you, the most expensive item in my baby's room is the rocking/glider chair as well.  I thought to myself, if I'm going to be spending possibly several nights sleeping in it, it better be comfortable!  The one I chose was from babies r us, it is a dark brown chenille which matches my furniture in the living room and where I'm assuming it'll end up when our baby gets older.  
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