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Feeding Question For 5 Month Old
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Feeding Question For 5 Month Old

Hello Ladies!

My little one is confounding me with his eating issues and I wanted some advice.  From birth, he had some tummy troubles and had to go on Nutramigen, and though he seemed like he wanted more than 3 oz at a time when he got 6 weeks +, he would throw it up, so we had to do smaller feedings more often.  We were able to gradually increase to 4 oz.

In the past few weeks, he's jumped from 4 oz to 7 oz because he's so hungry. He also has been swiping at my food and if I eat in front of him or drink, he throws a tantrum and reaches for it.  Clearly he is ready to try solids, so we've been giving him cereal and stage 1 baby food for a few weeks, thinking this would curb his need for 7 oz bottles every 2.5 to 3 hours.  It hasn't helped at all! He wants the solids and still wants 7 oz of milk every 3 hours.

My pediatrician said that this is too much milk and that he shouldn't have more than 32 oz in a day, but she didn't offer any advice to fix the issue.  The baby is hungry, and I don't see the point in letting him scream for food until we hit the 4 or 5 hour mark.

Any advice?  Currently, the schedule we're TRYING to keep him on is:

5:30 am bottle - 7 oz
9:30 am bottle - 7 oz and then offer cereal and a fruit
1:30 pm bottle - 7 oz and then offer cereal and a veggie
5:30 pm bottle - 7 oz and then offer a cereal and fruit and veggie
9:30 pm bottle - 7 oz

So far, he wants the bottles every 3 hours instead of every four hours, and he wakes up in the middle of the night for another 7 oz bottle so it isn't working too well. Interestingly, he's not a big baby nor does he seem to be gaining a ton of weight.  He's about 50 percentile... 13 lbs at 5 months.

Any advice?

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I have also read that you should not give more than 32oz a day.  I'm sure a little over that is fine, but you don't want to consistently go way over it.

Right now you are at 35oz, which to me doesn't seem so much over 32 that it should matter.. but if you dr said it is too much, you should probably try an alternative.  

I would try, sticking with the same schedule but just put less in the bottle.  If you gave him 6oz instead of 7, that would be 30oz a day.  I don't think he would notice the difference from a 6 to a 7oz bottle.  

I have a friend whose baby will take as much as you give her but if you give her less, she is just as content with it.  

My son was all over the place.  In and out of phases taking big bottles and then phase where all he would take was small bottles.  I can't tell you how much formula I tossed out.  In the early months, I probably through out as much as he drank.  
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