22 weeks pregnant - BAD Lower back pain...
by sallystar, May 09, 2007
Hey everyone...I'm 22 weeks pregnant and the last 2 days i've had really bad lower back pain.  it feels like i'm getting my period! i'm a little nervous...should i call my doctor?  is this normal around this time?  my belly button also hurts - is that weird?  all around it just hurts!  any advice would be helpful - i am sick of calling my doctor over every little thing!!!
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by mommyluv02, May 09, 2007
i would call the doc just to be sure everything is ok. dont worry about calling him to much if you really are worried that is what they are there for keep us posted
by rubyolivia, May 09, 2007
I agree with them! Call him! (But I know how you feel....I feel like such a pain in the butt when i have to call alot). You could have a kidney infection if your back is hurting! Does it hurt to the touch or just muscle pain inside?? My back just hurts nonstop and nothing is wrong at all! I'm 24 weeks. Do you know the sex of your baby? Just curious...seems like all the girls I know who are having back pains are having boys! lol
by Crritter, May 09, 2007
I agree with the above poster, you should call your Dr. if you are concerned.  I know that I had terrible back pain, as long as it isn't shooting, I'm sure it's fine (to rule out contractions, I had back labor twice now).  I felt way more back pain, cramping and pressure with this last baby.  My Dr. said it actually does get worse after you have had one baby, I think mainly because your muscles can't hold baby in and up as well.  I was also on my feet all day 40 hours a week without taking breaks to sit so she was not at all surprised.  It got to the point where it hurt to stand and walk, it was really bad.  Tylenol didn't help me much.  I would call your Dr. though and tell them what's going on, it's always best to be safe, especially for something like that.  I hope you feel better, congrats on baby.
by wa624, Nov 09, 2013
I'm having back and belly pressure at 22 weeks (tomorrow)... not sure to call or not. I'm having a girl.