27 weeks pregnant-Thick, Milky Discharge
by MrsBHarlow, Oct 11, 2009
So I know that discharge during pregnancy is normal, but when should I worry?
I haven't had much discharge in my pregnancy. When I have it has normally been clear and practically unnoticable. For the past few days though I've noticed that my discharge is now appearing on my underwear and it is thick and milky white. When I wipe I sometimes get globs. No signs of blood. I've also been having mroe touble getting comfortable since this began, and more frequent back and stomach pains. I'm 27 weeks pregnant and this is my first pregnancy. I don't know whether this is normal or could it be a pre-mature loss of my mucus plug? I went to Labor and Delivery when it started and they didn't even check it. They just monitored the baby's heartbeat and said I could go. So I'm in a bind.
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by Alisha123, Oct 11, 2009
My son is now 6 months old he is also my first child.  The mucus your talked about is completly normal ( AND COMPLETELY GROSS I KNOW ) I did the Same thing.  Everytime i went to be bathroom a huge glump of mucus would be on the Toilet Paper i would have to wipe 3-4 times everytime i went to the bathroom.  BUT if you fill something is wrong call you OB tomorrow (mon) after they open the office,.. just to give you peace of mind.  That's why they are their

                                                                      Congratulations on the new baby,
by peekawho, Oct 12, 2009
You should make an appt to be seen by your obstetrician to have this discharge checked out.

Its fine to go to Labor and Delivery for emergencies, such as if you think you are in preterm labor, in pain, or other urgent problems.  But the trouble is, many Labor and Deliveries have no MD right there to see patients with complaints such as vaginal discharge.
It takes an advanced practitioner to diagnose and prescribe treatment for a possible infection.

So see your doctor if you are worried about this.  No one on the internet can tell you that this is completely normal, or not.  What happens to one person may not be the same as what is happening to you.
Yes, it could be normal, but only a physician or other health care practitioner can tell you that, after seeing you in person.

Best of luck.
by saya14, Oct 13, 2009
hi even i had same after having it for 2 days i got preterm labor pain and delivered urgently through csection. so take an appointment and meet the doctor. dont worry everything will be fine.