Baby's heartbeat rate & sex of baby, what's yours?
by lovefamily, Feb 09, 2007
I have heard so much that heartbeat rate high, it's a girl.  If heartbeat rate is low, it's a boy.  I know the baby's heartbeat will be different when it is active and sleeping.  Just see if there is any truth to this.  What is or was your baby's heartbeat rate and what are you or did you have?

I am 12 weeks now.  I don't know the heartbeat rate yet, not until Feb. 19.  With my first two successful pregnancies I had two boy's with heart rates in the 120's-130's.  

This should be fun to see the results.
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by Kimbr7, Feb 09, 2007
I had a little girl and her heart rate was consistantley running between 150 - 160!  
by deanne11, Feb 09, 2007
My little girl was 154 at 12 weeks...she was right on the was hard to tell, although the drs all noted girl...then at the 20 wk u/s it was no doubt - she had her legs spread wide open for all to see...LOL

So excited...can't wait to hear.
by kris123, Feb 09, 2007
Nope, not true.  I'm having a boy and at 12w it was in the 160s.
by brentlie, Feb 09, 2007
With this pregancy the heart rate has always been 153, found out at 18 weeks it is a girl, then at my last appt. the heart rate was 138 and I am pretty sure she was awake because I could hear her bumping around on the doppler.  My friend heard her baby's heart rate for the first time yeasterday, she is almost 14 weeks and it was 156, so we will see what hers turns out to be!
by lilcountriegal, Feb 09, 2007
I actually asked my OB this question.  He said its definitely myth.  Their heart rate fluctuates constantly wtih movement, sleeping, etc.  

Mine was up around 150 today and I'm having a boy.  
by jenstam, Feb 09, 2007
I am having a boy, just found out yesterday at 12 wks, 4 days. His heart rate yesterday was 166.
by lovefamily, Feb 09, 2007
This post seems messed up.  Someone elses post is coming on here instead of the one intended.  Hopefully is straightens itself up.  I am reading about nicknames and Texas Longhorns...LOL!!  The new format is bizarre at times, but I am thankful we still have it.
by Annice1234, Feb 09, 2007
My little boy's hb has been staying around 140-145.  
by lovefamily, Feb 09, 2007
Okay, it's back.  I'm not saying I believe about heartrate and sex.  It's just interesting to see where people really are with this.  The chinese Calendar thing....Lol, predicted I would have girls the first two times and they were boys.  It's just fun to see myth verses fact.  I wish you all the best.  Keep the info coming.