Backache and dull tummy aches and 8 weeks pregnant
by sierrasmom, Oct 13, 2006
Hello. Well, as many of you know, i am 8 weeks pregnant now, and got to see my baby and heartbeat at 7 weeks! About a week ago, i started getting this lower backache. Not menstrual feeling at all, just a pain. It usually gets worse when i am doing things around the house, but i dont seem to remember having it with my first pregnancy. Also from time to time, i get a dull ache in my lower belly. Not painful, but just dull. Is this normal?? Also do any of you know if the chances of miscarriage lowers after you have seen the baby and heartbeat on ultrasound? Thanks!
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by 2wiceblessed, Oct 13, 2006
I had bad back pain from the begining til the end of my last pregnancy and I have a healthy 23 month old. I am pregnant again, 4 weeks and have experienced implantation spotting and cramping, which I never experienced with either of my DS. I think every pregnancy is different, inluding weight gain, symptoms and pains and aches. If you experience more discomfort while performing certain activities such as standing for long preiods of time, or house chores, you should try to minimize those activities. Now is the time when you will need to rely on DH or a sister or best friend to help you with little things. Feel better and I hope everything is okay!
by 4my3boys, Oct 13, 2006
My doctor told me that once you see the hb you have about a 5% chance of miscarriage.  I am not sure though.  As for the cramping I have the same thing.  It is normal!
by emma10, Oct 13, 2006
If you saw a hb in normal range for dates (they're posted online), had crl (size) match dates and have had no bleeding/cramping, then I think it is true your risk goes way down, to about 5% while in first tri. They usually reschedule you if any of that info doesn't match up.

My doc at 12wks just told me that with the u/s now showing right size, good hb (156 I think), minimal nuchal thickness and having had no problems, moving out of first trimester, that I could be at less than 1% risk. We just got our Downs risk back too at 1/400 which is way better than for my age group (at 43, risk had been 1/22 before this testing).

I have the upper backache myself now, think from carrying around these giant boobs that aren't mine. Good luck to you! (Try ice-ing?)
by HIS GIFT TO US, Oct 13, 2006
Doing the same thing w/ baby #2 on the way :) I'm now 30.5wks!! Good Luck!!!!
by pearl451, Oct 13, 2006
They say it dose lower but not considerably till after 13 weeks. I know how you feel I have had the same thing since the start of my pregnancy. My Dr just said to try to take it easy as much as I can.
by sierrasmom, Oct 14, 2006
Thanks everyone, I feel a whole lot better after all your posts!
by SunshineMommy75, Oct 14, 2006
With my 1st baby I had dull cramps until week 9 or so and so far the same thing off and on with this pregnancy...everything is getting ready and stretching out for the new little one!!  Good luck!
by proud2soonbemommy, Feb 26, 2008
what about bleeding that is a brownish discharge and dull cramping???at 8 weeks ......