Bleeding after cytotec... how long will it last?
by EAM623, May 01, 2011
Hi everyone, I've never posted here before but don't know where else to go. I am having my 2nd miscarriage since December. With the first one, I was further along (9 weeks) and had a D&C. I bled for a long time after the surgery (weeks and weeks). This time, the baby died at around 6 weeks, so they gave me Cytotec to induce the passing of everything at home. I took it Friday night and bled a LOT through the night. I also passed a lot of tissue and blood clots Saturday morning. I bled on and off all yesterday (Sat.). Then, last night I took a 2nd round of the Cytotec and almost immediately expelled what felt like my entire insides (sorry, TMI, I know). I even passed what looks to be the sac and baby. There was a lot of blood too, but oddly enough, very little pain through all of this. I am thankful for that,  as I know Cytotec can cause extreme cramping and pain. Still, the bleeding seemed to have all but stopped after last night. I am still having some light bleeding today, but again, no pain. My question is, how long do most people bleed after using cytotec? Is it normal to only bleed heavily for 1 day, and then lightly for one more day? The Dr. told me it shouldn't last longer than a normal period (less than a week), but I'm wondering if only really bleeding for one day means I didn't get everything out. I do NOT want another D&C, as I know there is a higher risk of scarring since I just had one 4 months ago.
I also would love to hear from anyone else who has been through multiple miscarriages. I really, truly hoped the first one would just be a fluke (1 m/c is normal, or so they say), and now that I've had a 2nd, I really fear something is wrong with me and we'll never be able to have children. That is the hardest part for me. Have any of you had 2 m/c in a row, and then gone on to have healthy pregnancies? I will have some testing done once I am back to 0 with my hcg, and I so hope nothing major is wrong.
Thank you everyone, and God bless!
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by Miscarried12, Dec 10, 2012
Sad that nobody has replied to you yet. But I have read many success stories of pregnancy after their 2nd miscarriage. These women tried to wait at least 3 cycles before trying again.

I had a miscarriage, too, just 2 weeks ago. It was painful. I also took Cytotec, and I am still bleeding today. Yesterday it was so bad, with a lot of blood clumps. I am not wearing a sanitary napkin today; I am wearing a diaper.

How did it go with your HCG test? Were you able to pass everything out? I hope you are pregnant or already with a baby by now? :)
by onyebucchi, Feb 14, 2013
I used cytotec for 15days pregnanccy and I bled for just a day with clot of blood,the rest of the days where just brownish. And my nipples is still hurting me.  Dos it mean am still pregnant?
by Mcalello10, Feb 14, 2013
I've had 3 miscarriages.. At 5, 7 and 12 weeks. I also have 3 beautiful children :) good luck and hugs!!!