Blood Clots and Pregnancy
by Cheyenne_08, Mar 25, 2008
Has anyone had any blood clots that were related to their pregnancy (from a c-section or bed rest) and gotten pregnant or had another baby? How did the doctor handle it? I had 9 blood clots in my right leg after having my son...had a c-section and was on bed rest for 3 weeks. I can never be on the pill or take anything with estrogen and I have to avoid all medication that carries a risk of blood clots. Since pregnancy in itself is a risk for blood clots, I was just wondering how a doctor handles your pregnancy if you have a history of blood clots.
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by mommyofthree431, Mar 25, 2008
I have had 3 c sections and haven't had any blood clots but my question to you is did your dr tell you not to try and walk or get up? My dr had me walking the next day after sergery and told me to walk at least 30 min every hour to prevent blood clots from forming
by victoria83, Mar 25, 2008
my bloodclotting isnt in my legs, but i have to take 81mg babyasprin to keep my bloodclotts "away or at bay" i bruse soo easily and i am clumsy as it is, so my shins(hitting the coffee table or tv) are all purpley/blueish/funky green.(nasty i know)but that is what my drs told me to take for my bloodclotting mutations. good luck
by 1nana, Mar 25, 2008
Cheyenne_08, if you post this on the Pregnancy 35+ forum and put attention to.... cpatow, she will be able to help you.
by Cheyenne_08, Mar 25, 2008
Thanks! For clarification....I was on hospitalized bed rest BEFORE I had my c-section....but following my c-section, I was able to walk....and we discovered the blood clots four weeks later!!!!!
by pinkleeanne, Dec 22, 2008
I had clots on my lungs that were found 2 weeks after c section, i could not breathe for ages before that though and they kept telling me it was anxiety, i was told when i have another pregnancy i will have to have Clexane injections up untill near the birth i regreat not being more active during pregnancy and after c section but the pain was sooo bad i took a while to get out of bed. not sure if the clot was there during pregnany or after c section but i know how scarey it is and i still live in fear now of getting another as i had no warning of it reaching my lungs.