Brandl's Ring
by Christy1971, Jun 14, 2004
What exactly is Brandl's Ring?  My sister just delivered a healthy baby boy.  However, she had complications from Brandl's Ring.  She did deliver without a C-section.  But the doctor said that was not common.  Will this affect her ability to have children in the future?
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by Niki73, Jun 14, 2004
I have never heard of that before.....I hope someone has heard of it and explains it- I'm interested to hear what it is...
by nurse12hr, Jun 14, 2004 known as "Bandl's Ring".

You can search using both ways and get more hits.

by nurse12hr, Jun 14, 2004

"Let me begin by giving some background information about labor itself. During normal labor, the uterus can be divided into two distinct parts. The upper segment actively contracts and becomes thicker as labor advances. The lower portion (with the cervix) becomes thinner as labor progresses and is relatively passive compared to the actively contracting upper segment. The two segments can be differentiated during a contraction; the upper portion is firm and hard and the lower one is softer. The junction between these two is called the physiological ring.

A Bandel's (retraction) ring develops from the physiological ring and is often -- but not always -- the result of an obstructed labor. Sometimes it can actually be seen as an abdominal indentation, signifying impending rupture of the lower uterine segment. If this should happen, death of the fetus ensues and maternal death is imminent, if nothing is done.

Immediate cesarean birth is usually carried out if this ring is seen, but usually the length of labor has been prolonged and caesarean birth is indicated anyway. CPD, or cephalopelvic disproportion, is the prime cause for an obstructed labor but, occasionally, it could be due to malposition, malpresentation, obstetric manipulations, twins, maternal fatigue and failed forceps delivery. The shape of the uterus can be normal, but this condition develops in late labor."

Its very, very rare.  I don't think in 25 years I have ever seen one.  Often there can be a ring-like indentation in the uterus, but this is the physiologic ring and the difference is, if you have a TRUE Bandels ring, you CANNOT deliver without either rupturing the uterus, or a c/s.

It's the kind of thing that killed women years ago before there was modern obstetrics.  They would labor and labor for days upon days, until dying if this developed and the uterus ruptured.  

by tammy79, Jul 15, 2008
i also had a bandles ring when i had my baby boy, who is thankfully now fine but it was very traumatic for us both and a little scary.
i have been trying for another baby for the ast 8months with no luck im really concerned that the condition i had may have done soem damage or is stopping me falling again? can any one shed some light on this??

by chair428, Oct 21, 2008
I had a healthy baby in june by c/s after 24 hours/includ.4hours of pushing at home we went to the hospital. the Dr said I had a Bandels ring. I would like to know whats the % that this will happen again???
seeing this was are first and I wont to have at least one more.
first time mom
by somer4d, Oct 30, 2008
Hello everyone, i also have Bandels ring, i have had 3 boys via c-section and they have all been healthy and preg. with #4. So dont worry that it is the ring thats causing you to not get preg. cause i have had no problem with that lol ... **Nurse12hr Once you know you have it, its always there it just doesnt go away and just as long as you have a c-sections everything should be fine
by tarnsnzl, Jan 11, 2009
I have been told I have a True Bandl's Ring which was discovered when they opened me up for my first c-section after a very long labour which didn't progress - baby didn't move down as my pelvis too small.

My second baby was born via elective c-section a week before his due date.  They told me at the time that should I go into labour early, to get to the hospital pronto as even one or two contractions could result in rupture.

I'm about to have my third baby (also by c-section) but I was wondering what the difference is, if any, between a Bandl's Ring and a TRUE Bandl's Ring.  Does this mean that mine is there all the time?  The surgeons were very happy to see one as they all said they had never seen one before.

Also, my sister was born without a uterus (has ovaries) - could these two things be related genetically?

TARNS  from New Zealand
by ericarasm, Jul 09, 2009
Hello, I'm just wondering if you had your baby yet. I also have bandl's ring. I had 2 c-sections. The first was an emergency since I didn't know that i had it and I had the other one scheduled. You will always have this problem so you will always need a c-section.Can you tell me do you have any other medical issues. I have a bunch of other issues as well and I'm wondering if there are any other similarities with other people that have bandl's ring. Of course I never met anyone before that has this.
by npaul33, Aug 05, 2011
Is this conversation still alive, I had a C-section in November with a bandl's ring?  From my understanding my situation was a unique bandls ring and a bandls ring is already unique.
My surgery was very complicated and sadly my son Nolan did not survive the trauma.  They did not know I had it until they opened me up.  There is very, very little research on this and I am having a had time getting in contact with any doctors that have seen this before.  If anyone has any contact information for me, it would be greatly appreciated.