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COULD I BE PREGNANT? I am 9 days late but have had 2 negative preg. tes...
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COULD I BE PREGNANT? I am 9 days late but have had 2 negative preg. tests...

I am trying to get pregnant & am 9 days late for my period. My period was due on November 5th and today is November 13th. Now I am 9 days late & have taken 2 Clearblue Easy Digital test (on Nov 7 & again Nov 12) and they were both negative. I know that my period has been right on schedule for the last 6  months at least. I have felt like I was going to get my period & have had a very minor throbbing on my left side where my ovary is, it's not really painful, more annoying. I had what I thought was implantation bleeding on Nov 6,7,9, which I have never had before. I know this was not my period because it only happened once each day when I wiped & extremely small amount of brownish then light pink, not even enough to get on my underwear & I didn't need a pad or tampon. When I first saw this I thought my period would follow & it never appeared. I have felt symptoms of exhaustion a few days this past week making it very difficult to get up in the morning & going to bed late (I've been sleeping about 11 hrs on some days). I also feel bloated & sensetive to smells. I don't think I have been stressed or had any major changes? Please let me know if you have been through anything similar or have any advice. I don't really know if this sounds like an ovarian cyst or what could be causing my lack of a period. If I were pregnant it should have showed up I think?!?!?PLEASE HELP!
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Hi There,

I have had the exact symptoms, It is my 9th day I am late, and and have all the prego symptoms, My breast is temnder, sense of smell has become exrtreemly high lighted, small cramps and fatigue, but I have had 2 HPT's and both Negative, and 1 Blood test on the 10th November, and Negative as well, HCG level was 2, thus I am very woried...

Could these symptoms be that I am prego, but late implentation, thus my hcg level is loo???? or im just fooling myself....

Has some experianced the same scenario, and if so, what was the outcome...
BELIEVE ME!! you would KNOW if it was an ovarian cyst! I have had three rupture in the span of two years and there is no mistake as to what it feels like. it is the worst pain i have ever endured. it had me throwing up every 15 min for two days and then 4 days in the hospital after that. if you get this every time you get a period it is probably just that you have large cysts that push out the egg before ovulation. it makes pressure and causes annoyance. but it will either get obsorbed into your body again or it will continue to grow in which case you need to see a doctor as soon as possible!!  I dont know what is causing your other symptoms. it sounds like you are pregnant but if you already have two negative tests i dont know what to tell you. but if the pain gets any worse on your overies go to the doc. asap! you dont want them rupturing. it can destroy your chances of having children. :(
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