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CRLs (twins) consistantly measuring 1 week behind with IVF
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CRLs (twins) consistantly measuring 1 week behind with IVF

I am currently 9w/1d and here is my story:

IVF #1 - m/c, IVF #2 - bfn, IVF#3 - bfp (confirmed on 3/25 - 14dp3dt)

At my 5w/4d u/s the re was able to see 2 small sacs. At 6w/4d, both sacs were visable as was a h/b, but the sacs were measuring about a week behind. At 7w/4d, both sacs were visiable with a hpm of about 130, and again, both sacs were measuiring a week bihind.

I had mild spotting of dark brown blood at 7w/5d and went in for another u/s on 7w/6d; both babies were visible and h/bs were still at approximately 130 bpm. RE was able to detect a small blood clot behind sac B. He also said that sac B is small for the babie and that he did not feel confident that baby B would make it, but that baby A looked good.

At 8w/5d, babies were still measuirng a week behind with hb of about 167 bpm (sac B is still small).

My questions are (1) is this common for IVF or twin pgs to be a week behind in measurement (2) should they catch up or could they be consitantly 1 wwek behind for the entire pg and (3) My RE says that he is pleased with the consistant growth, but should I be worried that we are an increased risk of m/c because they are a week behind?
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I have heard where they always say a measurement could be off either way one week early or a week behind.  It could be that you are just going to have slower growing babies and both will  be fine at delivery.  I think with the constant monitoring and you being measured small so far that this is just a normal thing for you.
i am 12 weeks and 2 days with twins but they are measuring ahead. baby a is bigger than baby b by a few days growth.

i conceived naturally though. my doctor did tell me that everything is different with twins, but that alot of people try to set standards on them and should not. he went on to explain that it is two seperate pregnancies and they just happened to be happening at the same time. when he put it like that, i felt alot less bad with their differences in growth. they both are consistently the same number of days ahead and growing well.

i am not real familiar with ivf, but is it possible that one implanted sooner than the other? or do they do the implanting with ivf? that was my doctors explanation for mine having a difference.

as for the blood clot, be very careful and make sure to keep your doctor informed of anything that happens. it sounds like you are being closely monitored so i am sure things will be just fine.

one other possibility for one twin being bigger than the other could be twin twin transfusion syndrome, but that occurs when the placenta is shared and one twin is hoarding the nutrients. as early as the difference was noted in yours i believe they were still getting their nourishment from the yolk sacs so this should be no worry hopefully.

good luck and i hope that your next few months are very happy, healthy and peaceful. :)
First off, congrats!!!! I am 34 weeks with ID boys:)

I think the fact that they ARE growing is great. They are not more than 1 week behind from the last ultrasound is a good sign, you know what I mean? If they continued to measure farther off than 1 week than I may worry more but they are not. I'm sure they said a week is not a big deal anyways plus your heart rates went up and that is awesome!!!!! Keep us posted and good luck.
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