Can hcg levels rise slowly, then double and still be a normal pregnancy?
by thunder214, Jun 23, 2003
I found out I was pregnant and we were so excited; things seemed to be going so perfectly in our lives.  The initial bloodwork showed that my hcg levels were low and my doctor became concerned.  They were at 196 then 2 days later at 254, then 3 days later 500. At that point my OB was certain I was going to miscarry and suggested a D&C.  Before I would have it done, I requested one more blood test.  It doubled to 1000 (2 days after the 500 titer).  My doctor seemed dumbfounded.  I'm going crazy worrying about if I am  going to miscarry or not and if not, could there be something abnormal with our baby?  I have not had one other symptom indicating a possible miscarriage, in fact I feel as pregnant as a woman in her third trimester!  I believe I am about 5 weeks pregnant.  When I took the first blood test I was just exactly 4 weeeks pregnant, although it's possible I am off by 5 days (previous period was 33 days long as opposed to the normal 28 I am).  I'm still having more bloodwork done every 2 days and (haven't received the results) and schedule for an ultrasound in 1 1/2 weeks.

So..any suggestions?  ANYTHING good or bad would be extremly helpful.
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by mlaport, Jun 23, 2003
OK.... first of all DONT GET A D&C YET.  There is no reason to end this now, you have a great chance of this going just fine.  My levels were not even doing half of what yours are, and I miscarried.  But throughout the whole process my Doctor said as long as they double every 2 to 3 days you should be fine.  The fact that you went from 500 to 1000 is a really good sign.  I am also on another pregnancy board, and there was a women there who was in the same situation as you - and they wanted her to get a D&C, but she requested a ultrasound first and they found a heartbeat.  So don't give up hope - it upsets me that they were just going to give you a D&C that easily...

Keep us posted on your levels, and keep your spirits up.

Lots of baby dust to you!!

by ildike, Jun 23, 2003
From what I have learned from my former dr, I would say as long as hcg doubles constantly, everythings all right.  Plus, if you have symptoms, thats a good sign, too.  If there was something wrong with the baby you would miscarry-that is nature's selective way-since the fetus would be unable to develop. If at this age the fetus is growing, that means its healthy, capable to survive.  At this stage, its all or nothing...I am going through similar agonies, and what I am trying to do is to send very clear, optimistic,positive thoughts down there.  I wish you the same and make sure to rest a lot (both physically and mentally)
by mlaport, Jun 23, 2003
Oh and another thing.  Every womens body is different.  You'll find that some women don't have ANY symptoms at all, or some that are puking everyday - and both will have a perfect baby.  You will also find some women who have really low HCG levels and some with really high HCG levels - and both of them will have perfect babies.  There is no "norm" in a situation like this...the only thing you have to be worried about is the doubling every 2 to 3 days...that's all.
by Geneva108, Jun 23, 2003
Please refuse this DC now! wait for an u/s. I had HCG level problems before  they say if should double every 72h. or +66% every 48 h. it might vary.. I am now 9 weeks preg. after 2 tubals and miscar.  but this time (I had to do IVF w.egg donor) my first hcg on day 10 after embryos transfert was 111!doc. was happy very  high than 2 days later 174 than 2 days later 360 than 4 days later we got scared 520!! should have been 900 + but he asked me to go for another hcg test 2 days later 4324!!!!!! go figure therefore don't give up ok!!! no DC continue to test every 2 days or so and do an ultra sound in a week than you will know... it could be all good girl  hang in there   we are here for you too!
lots of baby dust to you
Take care
by msklar, Jun 23, 2003
Quite honestly, I am scared to hear about all the close calls with d&c. It seems some doctors are so worried about being correct (about due dates, ovulateion) that they dont listen to the women and look for things when it is too early for them to show up. Its scary the number of times Ive heard that a d&c was suggested, the women waited and guess what there was a healthy baby. Im beginning to think doctors are too quick to jump for a d&c. I think if it is goiing to misscarry then your own body should have the chance to do it naturally...
by Siren, Jun 24, 2003
I'm going through something similar, where my doctor is stumped.  My levels are NOT doubling every two days, however they ARE increasing very, very slowly.  He thought I had a miscarriage, due to lots of bleeding and cramping, however the levels continue to rise.  At this point he thinks it's ectopic, so is considering laparoscopy to remove the embryo, but first he's doing a few more hormone tests.  It's good to have a doctor who is cautious before they get in there with sharp instruments!!!  But I'm a little worried about the procedure i.e. risks to future fertility b/c of the scarring, etc.  I know the risk is out there, and it's hard b/c this is our first pregnancy.  Anyway, I'd have to agree with everyone else who has said to wait until you have a few more levels done - it's obvious that individual cases can be very different and can stump even the best doctors!
by silo, Jun 24, 2003
I agree with everyone as far as waiting a while before getting a d and c.  I had to have a d and c on April 24th, but it was only after a month of spotting and 4 sonograms that revealed an odd shaped placenta and no fetus...(Blighted Ovum)  I was 10 wks and miscarriage was very inevitable.  

It kinda helped me with my decision to have a d and c when I saw the lack of progress each week on the sono.  So until you see it with your own two eyes, I wouldn't do a thing.....just wait....I'll remember you in my prayers.
by thunder214, Jun 24, 2003
Thanks everyone for you great comments and suggestions.  I should tell you what happened. This is going to really make you think.  Earlier when I posted, I did not tell the whole story, I thought it would be too long, but after seeing everyone's comments, I think we could all benefit from it.

I was scheduled for a D&C on Wed. June 25 at 2:00pm.  I had to be at the hospital by 12:00.  I requested 1 more bloodtest to ease my mind because in my heart, I didn't want to do it.  So I went at 10am and had more blood drawn.  The doctor requested it to be STAT so the results would come back quicker. Well, it ended up so close that I was laying on the hospital bed in the proverbial "paper gown", already admitted, balling my eyeballs out crying that I didn't want to be there and that it was wrong, when at 1:45 the nurse came in and that is when my numbers finally truely doubled from 500 to 1000.  I immediately got dressed and walked out of that hospital not sure what had just happened.  They say miracle happen everyday...I'm sure one did on that day.  Divine intervention I would call it.

Anyway, I get my results back today from my bloodtest I had yesterday.  I will keep you posted as to what the results are. I have a STRONG feeling that our baby is okay.  The fact that my pants had a hard time buttoning today was a pretty good indicator that he's/she's growing!

by meko80, Aug 20, 2007
I took a pregnancy test on august 12 that was postive, went into the doctor the next day. she did a vaginal ultrasdound and said she did not see a fetus and should have hcg levels tested the first day they were @144 to 215 to 270 to 357 which at that time I had already been to thee emergency room two times in pain and had went from spotting earlier in the month for a week to red very apparent blood showing. The doctor said that with last numbers showing up at 357 that had not doubled and a viarable pregnancy was not forseen. She said would check hcg levels again, on monday because that day was a friday. I had them taken again on monday and she called and said she was in a limbo with me. my levels had risen to 750  and waht she said did not look like a good pregnancy was looking alot better for me. now I have to have them taken again in two days and if they have risen even higher she wants to see me for my first prenatl appt on august 31st. which at that time the fetus that is not appearing on the ultrasound should be viewable by then because she thinks i'm too early for it too show. so I don't even know how far along i am to date. I also have a history of showing the hcg level very early on a pregnancy test before it is even able to seem detectable. I am just so confused, tired. burntout from going back and fouth and having my blood taken every other day. My doctor was comcerned that I may be having a etopic, or misscarriage because of the pain and blood I was having now she sounds a bit confused herself, being a doctor and all. She suggested that I get a D&c on friday but I did not want to, or the lapostrphy. I was too afraid, and if I would have been I wouldn't have known there were hope of my levels goin up. what my real concern is has anyone ever had bleeding for 19 days like this and pain that is travling fron one side of my stomach to the other, and still believed to be having a succesful pregnancy and the levels went up, then down, then back up again? please give me some advice