Color of poop
by April2, Dec 09, 2008
I have a dumb question about poop, sorry lol. I just noticed today that my 4 year old's poop was real pale and I could have sworn I've heard something about pale poop before but I can't remember what it's supposed to mean, if it means anything at all. I didn't see his bowel movements the last two days so I'm not sure if it was just today. Could he be lacking something in his diet maybe?
Also my oldest son was watching him earlier and said he was laying on the couch and said his tummy was sick but when my son asked him again he said it was all gone. He's been acting fine and playing. I was just wondering. Maybe he just had a tummyache earlier?
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by Trialanderror, Dec 09, 2008
It has something to do with lack of bile in stool. That`s all I can remember....
by babypooh, Dec 10, 2008
Found this information, hope it helps:

A normal color for bowel movements can vary quite a bit from pale yellow to dark green. Generally abnormal is considered gray or clay colored stools, and pitch black and tarry stools. Children with a very fast transit time (the time between when they eat and when they stool out that intake) may have stool that is relatively undigested. Mucus which is produced in the colon and rectum can appear light, but it is soft and resembles phlegm, not stool. Occasionally, a ball of stool may be coated with mucus and appear yellow-white. When it is submerged in water, the mucus will begin to disintegrate.
A truly light stool (all the way through) may indicate problems with the liver or biliary system, since it is the bile that colors the stool brown and green. This is less likely if a child is growing normally, however. In this case, the liver tests are usually abnormal on blood work, and the liver may feel abnormal to the examiner. Pain associated with liver disease is usually in the upper right portion of the abdomen.  - Caroline Mueller, MD