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Cramping 10 days before period after having sex 3 days before ovulation...
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Cramping 10 days before period after having sex 3 days before ovulation?

My other half and I had sex on the 2nd January (he pulled out EXTREMELY last minute) and I was predicted to ovulate on the 5th, although I felt the familiar cramps from around the 3rd, so I think I ovulated earlier than predicted (my cycles vary and so ovulation doesn't always take place when it's predicted to).

I noticed I was spotting - a light brown/pink colour - on both the 5th and 6th. After that, I have been having cramps that feel IDENTICAL to period cramps and are still experiencing them. They feel, also, like I'm going over hills in a car, when your stomach 'drops' after driving over one. I feel this most of the day and when I'm in bed at night, even when I'm not moving.

Also, on the 6th, I overslept by about 5 hours, despite multiple alarm clocks. Ever since then I've been extremely tired all the time, fall asleep during the day and oversleep on a daily basis. (I was diagnosed with Chronic Fatigue Jan of last year, but this definitely feels more severe than the fatigue I'm used to).

I also do not have an appetite at all. Everything I DO eat either tastes different to me (some of my favourite foods have no taste to me) or I eat something that I normally don't like and find it delicious (I ate so many carrots the other day and LOVED them).

My final 'symptom' is that the veins on my breasts are EXTREMELY noticeable and very blue, and the areolas have started to increase in size, or appear to have to me.

My next period is due on the 20th, but as my cycles can range from 22-28 days, I'm not sure when my next period is actually due.

Does it sound like I'm pregnant or is there another reason for these symptoms? Advice/opinions would be greatly appreciated! Thanks.
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You only ovulated a few days ago, even if you did conceive from this you most certainly won't be feeling pregnancy symptoms yet - it's too early, the egg might not have even implanted yet.

Symptoms don't determine pregnancy since they can be symptoms of other things as well. All you can is wait until your period is due, and if it's late then take a pregnancy test with first morning urine to see.
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