Giving Birth at 5 months
by pinksugar, Jul 07, 2006
I have a question, my sister in laws sister is in the hospital right now. she went into labor and if i remember correctly she is only 5 months 5 1/2 the max. The doctors where going to try to stop the delivery but she had already dialated 9 cen. Has anyone known any one who had pre term labor and what was the out come? I saw an episode of Special Delivery on a baby that was born at 5 months and it was a happy ending.
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by BrandyAC, Jul 07, 2006
I wasnt 5 months but i did go early..I went at 32 weeks and they stoped it till i was 33 weeks.. I had a little 4 pounder thats now a big 35 pounder.. the stuff they have these days are alot more upgraded.. i will keep her in my prayers..-brandy
by luv_babies, Jul 07, 2006
A co-worker's wife went into labor at 25 weeks, they stopped it unitl 29 weeks. The twins are now 7 months old. I will hope for the best for her!
by Silvee716, Jul 07, 2006
I hope everything goes good with your sister inlaw.  I hope the baby makes it.. I was preggo with twin girls and I lost them at 23wks, they didn't have a heartbeat anymore.  One of my babies was really sick and the doctors were waiting for me to atleast make it to 6 months pregnant because they say that after six months the baby has a better chance of making it because it can breath by themselfs and other things. Even if they are born at six months the babies can get really sick, and suffer to just pass away at the end. I will say a prayer for your sister inlaw and her baby.
by 1twinmom, Jul 07, 2006
a friend of mine had her first child at 26 weeks. He's small for his age but is a healthy 5 yr old!
by AndiJ78, Jul 07, 2006
There are too many variables involved to tell if everything will be okay. All you can do is hope for the best and realize that even if the baby pulls through, it is a long and daunting road to recovery and the chance is there that there will be many lingering health issues.

Back in 1987, a family friend went into labor and delivered at 27 weeks. Survival of a baby that young was nearly un heard of 20 years ago. "Peanuts" as she was dubbed, spent months and months in the NICU. But the happy ending for her was that she graduated high school last year. She had to deal with multiple complications, numerous surgeries over the years, vision issues, and so on. But she did attend regular schooling, did many of the typical teenage things, and is in college now.

Not every story has such a happy ending, especially that early. Only time will tell.

by ace24, Jul 07, 2006
My mother in law had her first at 23 weeks and this was in 64..he had barely any skin no nails or hair ...she says it was awful but he had no surgeries was in hospital for 3 months until he weighed 5lbs...and he was a perfectly healthy child..if you were to see my brother in law you would never have guessed he was born way to there are miracles and like I said this was back in 1964....
by RicanGirl, Jul 07, 2006
by Jenny77, Jul 07, 2006
DH and I had friends that had a baby at 24 weeks, she was born at just over one pound and was in serious condition for a while. But happy to say she came through it fine and is now a very healthy little girl with nothing wrong with her. The pre-term labor was caused by a very rare blood disorder in the mother and it was threatening her life to keep carrying the baby, they let it go as long as they could, but by 24 weeks it was more of a risk to let her carry the baby than it would be to give birth. Honestly though, it is risky that early, there are no guarantees. The earlier it is, the higher the risk. I wish your friend the best.