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HSG procedure yesterday... great news!; OPEN FORUM
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HSG procedure yesterday... great news!; OPEN FORUM

Well ladies I had my procedure yesterday and was very suprised at the results...

The doctor who performed the HSG said that my tubes look very healthy.  There's no more blockage!

I'm wondering if it was just cervical mucus that was blocking the tubes when I had my diagnostic laparoscopy with chromotubation???

My OB is awesome!  She prescribed vicodin for me to take before having the HSG...  good thing because my pain tolerance is 0 to none.

If any of you ladies have had similar testing and have had great results (pregnant-now?!), please reply and tell me your stories...

I need positivity.  It's been so long since I have had good news, I don't know how to act...

God Bless and Baby Dust to All!!!!
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I had the HSG test on 11/28/06.  Both tubes were blocked, but the tech was able to clear my left tube. The right is blocked at the entrance from the uterus and too blocked to clear out.

The doc said it was no biggie, you really only need one tube in reality.

So that cycle I believe I conceived but it just didnt stick and I miscarried on 12/25-12/26.  I am in the process of getting my levels checked and go to the doc in two weeks to discuss.

But it gave me some hope! We tried for a year before finding out the problem.  I think if my hubby was around for this cycle we would have conceived but hopefully when he returns at the end of February (and beginning of my cycle!! woohoo!!) that it will happen.

Just deciding whether or not I want to help things along with Clomid....

Good luck!!
This procedure can work for you.  I had it done in Feb. of 02 and in March was pg and carried to term (he is now 4) So have faith--maybe go on vacation or a trip to a nice hotel--my son is a vacation baby--we will always have fond memeories of Arizona.
I'll definitely start checking my BBT and taking a OPK again.  I just felt like I wasn't getting the full affect with them...
I would go anywhere from 35-65 days between cycles.
It was like I was burning money since the OPK's I was taking were for only 20 days.  And I know it was frustrating but I shouldn't have stopped taking my BBT either.

I should be getting a call from the Dr. either today or tomorrow with the test results.  I will ask the Dr. about clomid when the call comes...

Thank you for sharing your stories.  Sorry for your loss.  I'll keep you in my prayers.  God Bless and much baby dust!!!

Hello ladies,

jd1419:  I told my husband that maybe we should spend a quiet weekend together...  Just the two of us.

klfc27:  When you say have the doctor check your levels, what does that mean?

My husband and I have been TTC since October 2005.  So I'm sure you ladies understand the hope and frustration that comes along with this...  

If I'm not mistaken, I think I started AF on the 8 of January after the HSG.  My LMP was 5 November.  So this time AF is a lot heavier with clots and very painful cramping (I do have endometriosis).

Do you ladies think that I should contact my OB and ask her for clomid???  My cycles are off as you can see.  At first the Dr. told me to wait 7-10 days, after the 1st cycle day, to have the HSG.  But, since AF never came they decided to get me in right away.

See I've done the whole BBT and Answer (Ovulation Tracker) but my cycles are just so messed up...  It was really hard trying to keep track of my most fertile days. I'm wondering if clomid would be a better options?

Thank you for responses.
The doc is checking my HCG hormone levels.  If I did m/c then my levels need to be back at 0 or show they are decreasing.

Clomid could very well work.  My doc says the chances of it working increase if you use an OPK and time BD at certain days. He prefers the refraining 5 days prior to expected O, then BD two days prior, on O day, and then again 2 days after.

Think this is the method he and his wife used and they just had a baby not too long ago with the help of Clomid.
After reading all of the posts about how painful an HSG test could be I was TERRIFIED! I mean, I had myself in tears for two days. I called everyone I knew who may have had this test to ask them questions about the process. I looked online for hours trying to learn everything I could about the procedure.

Well, I will have you all know that I just got done with my HSG two hours ago and it was FINE! I actually laughed at myself for getting so nervous and worked up. The worse part of the whole thing was wearing a pad afterward. I hate the way they feel. Yuck.

At the hospital, when I first saw my doctor I told him that was extremely nervous. He assured me that everything was going to be ok. He was right! It was nothing. I am not going to say it was a pleasant experience, but it definitely wasn't painful. It felt just like a normal pap. Also, I don’t have any cramping afterward.

It was an awesome thing to see the fluid flow through my fallopian tubes. The radiologist pointed to the screen and told me what I was seeing and how the dye was flowing freely through my tubes and how everything looked good and normal.

So, please, don’t get all worked up about this procedure. Everybody’s bodies are different. Talk to your doctor, let them know that you are nervous. Make sure you take some pain medicine before. I took two extra strength Tylenol and a regular Advil an hour before.

Good luck! Everything will be ok!
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