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Heart Problems During Pregnancy
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Heart Problems During Pregnancy

Went to OB-GYN a month ago and they discovered I had a heart murmur that was most likely caused by my pregnancy.
They still sent me to a Cardiologist for tests (to be safe)

Went to cardiologist and had an EKG done. The test came out fine. They wanted to do an Echocardiogram, too (just to be safe)

So I went Friday to the Cardiologist and had the test done. Was told it looks like I have a hole in my heart. Apparently, we all have a hole in our heart when we're born, but the hole closes up. Sometimes, during pregnancy, the hole can open back up. They think this is what has happened.
I have to go for my actual results on the 26th. The tech told me they would probably put me on aspirin. Well, I know they can't do this because I can't take aspirin while I'm pregnant...can I?

He said I shouldn't worry, because it happens quite often, and that the hole should close back up after I give birth. He told me it would probably just make me fatigued, and short of breath. Well, pregancy does the same does this mean I will be putting THAT much more stress on my heart during this pregnancy? I'm not worried that it won't fix itself. But I AM worried that the further I get into pregnancy, the harder it will be for me to breathe!

Has anyone else been through this? Any advice?

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I just posted something this morning about chest pain and the OB told me to go have an EKG. HOw did you find out about your heart murmor? I have had some serious chest pain today and this morning. I thought that going to the ER for an EKG was a little extreme but now I am worried. Is that how your started???

I will be praying for you that everyting works out okay... Keep me posted
How far along are you?

I was 9 weeks along when my heart started racing and would not stop.  I went to the ER and the EKG showed a rapid beat going as high as 180.  I was admitted and because of the pregnancy they were unsure how to treat me.  I was told I had to take the risks as long as the drugs were in a "Pregnancy B" catagory.  This meaning very little if any side effects to baby.

I was cardioverted after 9 days in the hospital back to a normal beat (that is the paddles they use to shock you) I had to be put to sleep which caused them concern for the baby but we both made it out.  My heart is fine now but still taking meds.  I am guessing they want you to take asprin as a blood thinner.  In this case I am sure it is better to do so for you and the baby - the benefit of the asprin will outweigh the risk.  But - I am sure the dr. will tell you this too.  If you should ever start spotting - stop taking them and go back to the doctor.

My heart is healthy - they say the baby did that to me due to the overflow of blood and fluids.  

Good Luck
Oh my GOD girlie!!!!!!!!!! you are in the second trimester already????!!!!!! GOD BLESS YOU AND YOUR LITTLE PEANUT!!!!!!=)
A big warm HUG and a big kiss (not a slobery for you sweetie!!! i am so happy for you!!!
As for the heart condition...
Hope it helps you have some peace sweetie,
Love ya!!
Hey hon, don't you even say it!!!! that is not going to happen! doctors know what they are doing, and the good thing is that you are constantly being are taking care of yourself! so, no, no worries here ok??? My niece or nephew and you are going to be just fine! =)

Yeah....i know,....i said i was gonna forget about it right?? wroooooong!, i jumped back in the crazy ttc club! me and some other girls had already swore we were not going to do anything and here we are bitting our own tails! lol
I am trying this month again, i am set in my mind it will not happen....although i will give all there's in me, without the stress of wanting to happen NOW....that way, if it happens it happens, if not...oh well, off to the next month! =)

Have you seen the little peanut in a recent US ??? can't wait to see more pictures! =)
I don't know much about the hole in your heart, but you can take asprin while pg if the benefit outweighs the risk. Many of us on her take it to prevent blood clots or m/c. Try not to worry, but make sure you follow up on it after baby comes.
I just posted a response about your chest pain! lol Sorry I didn't see it sooner!
They actually discovered my heart murmur during a routine visit. I've never had it before, but they say they can be caused by pregnancy.
The hole in my heart thing came up last week...and can also be caused by pregnancy.

I DID notice I was fatigued, but just figured it was all due to the being pg. However, I could barely make it up the stairs in my house without my legs hurting like crazy and being practically out of breath. So now I'm figuring that this may be the ultimate reason for that.
It may be wise to have them check your heart...just in case you're like me. It's better to be safe than sorry. And even if it's normal, at least you'll know.

I am 13W 2D...
I am shocked at what you've had to go through! How scary! I hope and pray that you will be fine, too. Hopefully it won't get worse, for you OR me!

Best wishes!
Hey Nessa! Thanks for the site! I have tried looking up a few things about it, but didn't really find what I was looking for. I just don't want to have a heart attack while giving birth!! LOL I worry that my heart will give out on me during all the pushing or something! :-)

Thanks for the hugs and kisses! Right back atcha!

How are things going with you? Are you taking it easy this month? Or did you hop back on the "ttc crazy train"?

I hope everything goes well, no matter what you decide to do. I don't doubt it's going to happen for you, it's all a matter of WHEN! LOL

Lots of love!
Girl, you're too much!
But after reading your post, I realize...YOU don't need to give all that's in you...your hubby needs to give all that's in HIM! LOL

I had that same attitude the month I got pg. I was so tired of getting BFN's, that I was just going through the motions. I mean, I tried everything I could (OPK's, Pre-Seed, Front/Back positions (tmi! LOL) and I laid off the caffeine)

But in the end, I really didn't expect a positive. I was just assuming it would be negative and already planning for the next months ttc Olympics. I figured I would just do what I had to do each month, until I needed to see a dr for infertility problems. But then I got my BFP...and was pleasantly surprised. What a difference when you don't set yourself up for the fall! :-)

Anyway, best of luck to you two!

And no, I haven't gotten any more pics. I had the ultrasound where they listen to the baby's heartbeat, but that's all. I don't think I'll get another pic until early Dec, when I find out what it is. My next appt is Nov 6th. I wish they WOULD go ahead and try to see what it is next time! :-)

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