Heart Rate mean boy or girl?
by waitingwithhope, Nov 09, 2007
I know websites do say that a higher or lower heart rate does not determine gender, however, I have only had boys who had heart rates of under 150 (usually around 142). My u/s showed a 9 week fetus with a heart rate of 167. Is it too much to hope it might just be a girl? :)
Just wondering what your baby's heart rates have been/are and if you are having a boy or a girl.
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by amberd5191, Nov 09, 2007
My baby started at 170 and now at 30 weeks is at 140 (girl).
by tgraham2, Nov 09, 2007
Hi there!  My baby's heart rate was 170 @ 10 wks.  At 16 wks it was 150.  My husband believes that because it dropped that much that it is a boy, but I won't find out until Dec. 3.  I think it's a girl though!  We'll see!  Good luck!
by CYW, Nov 09, 2007
mine was at 160 whe i was 16 weeks and at full term he was was a  boy so.. hmm who knows...thelower the heartbeat ever went was 146 so...i dont think its true and my OB told me that ALL babies heartbeats are quicker up until they are about 32 weeks...that's usually when it can be more accurate..the heartbeats are fast before 32 weeks because they continue to develop at such a fast rate of i said my son was never lower than 146 so...its not accurate to me
by alaysha, Nov 09, 2007
Heart rates fluctuate based on what the baby is doing. If it is moving around than the heartbeat is usually faster where as if the baby is sleeping its a lot slower. Mine has a heart rate of usually at about 134 when she is sleeping and 154 when she is excited and active. Also when the baby is younger the heart beat tends to be higher as well. At 8 weeks it was 173 and then went down.
by daprincess21, Nov 09, 2007
I too agree that the hearbeat is an inconclusive way to determine gender. My daughters never went below 160 at my oppoinments, but than neither did my friends sons'. I hope you have a girl tho that wold be really neat after having two boys. ****fingers crossed for you *****
by dbestone, Nov 09, 2007
my baby started with a heartrate always above 165. around 14 weeks it dropped, and has stayed in the range of 145-150. i have a doppler, and check every so often, and it rarely goes higher than 150. im having a boy.  
by taysmommy, Nov 09, 2007
my first babies was consistantly in the 120's to low 130's, shes a girl,
my second babies was consistantly in the mid 160's, shes also a girl, so for me the trick didnt work
by waitingwithhope, Nov 10, 2007
Too bad that trick does not work :( I have four boys who are older and always wanted a girl. Of course, a healthy baby is what is important but I've always wished for a girl so that I can do the whole pink dresses, frilly girl thing :)
by CYW, Nov 11, 2007
teehee thats cute well keep ur head hgh never know good luck