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How soon can I ovulate after a miscarriage
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How soon can I ovulate after a miscarriage

Hello I am new here.  I am 28yr old female.  I wanted to know how soon is it possible for me to ovulate after a miscarriage? I am a nurse but not an OB nurse LOL.  Well I thought I was about 6weeks pregnant (according to online calculations) but hadn't had my first OB visit yet.  This past saturday 9/26 I started noticing some dark blood, a little more than spotting but not a full period.  I went home and just rested the rest of the day and it stopped, however the next morning it started again, so I called out of work and rested.  Then it started to turn bright red like a period and I saw a tiny tiny clot, and told my mom to take me to the ER even though my insurance dont kick in until next week, I didnt care about the bill.  Well after being there all day and getting an ultrasound, they said my Hcg level was 1484 which means either I am not six weeks but only 2 or 3, or it means I am having a miscarriage and the fetus already has passed because they showed a small sac but not heartbeat.  So they said to have my levels repeated in a few days to see if they went up or down and that will let me know.  I am trying to have hope but in my heart I feel that I am having a miscarriage because I have my period very regular and I ovulate ontime, so my last period was 8/13 and I am NEVER late, early but never late. So 9/14 I tested positive with a home pregnancy test the day after my missed period, and entered in the info online to get my due date and gestation. With my first pregnancy i was not paying attention to my periods and didnt find out until I was 3mo already (still born at full term 39weeks), my second pregnancy I tested positive the first day I missed my period as well and all my calculations were right on point. She was born at 29 weeks due to my getting high blood pressure out of nowhere, and passed away a month later (3/31/09). So that is why I believe I am supposed to be 6weeks but having a miscarriage.  I just want to know how soon can I start to ovulate again so we can continue to try.

I have lost two kids so losing one this early I am alot more emotionally stable and accepting, and know I am not replacing any of my children but welcoming a brand new life.

my last pregnancy i was pregnant with 4 others close friends and family members, we were all due the same month or a month apart, how bizzarre was that, and I was the only one whose child is no longer here, so that is hard at times to see them and know my daugher (victoree) would be theire same age, and I would like to try again asap to keep a small gap between the ages, as well as because I don't want to be a old mom getting pregnant after age 30 or so (no offense ladies, its just a personal preference) due to the increased risks and I already have enough risks now as it is with the still birth, preemie, and I was diagnosed with protein c deficiency after my stillbirth which they believe was the cause, its a blood clotting disorder and is treated during pregnancy with aspirin and lovenox injections, so I can carry a fullterm baby and have a healthy child.  Its the waiting that makes me more depressed than the grieving.

I appreciate some advice, please keep any negative comments to yourself
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