Implantation Cramps?
by Kari74, Jul 16, 2005
Hello,  I was wondering if anyone has experienced implantation cramps in their lower back?  My temp took a huge dive today and I'm 9dpo.  I have some low back pain, in the middle; but no signs of AF yet.  I don't really have any cramping anywhere else.


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by kimmie_n_angus, Jul 17, 2005
It is possible to have cramps with an implantation and a slight bleed that is similar but less than at menstration. When I was pg with my son....2 days or so before my expected period I had some spotting for about a day then it went away, and I had some associated cramps. 3 days later I took a hpt and it was positive. Your symptoms could be implantation or impending menstruation.....if you are hoping for a child I hope it is the first. I know what it is like to want to have a child.....I am currently trying after being on depo for 7yr....good luck to you
by Kari74, Jul 17, 2005
Well, I wonder if it was a dip then.  My temp took a huge dive yesterday to the lowest I've ever temped (well below coverline). I had low back ache and tummy cramping.  Today however, my temp shot back up way above coverline.  I have no cramping or achy back.  I have also noticed my CM is a creamy yellow color.  I guess I'm going to have to wait and see what happens between now and tuesday and if no AF by tuesday, then I'm going to test.
by kimmie_n_angus, Jul 18, 2005
good idea kari.....i have had those exact symptoms, but i had a slight bleed with mine. but it sounds right.....or you are ovulating again, which is totally possible. i have been noted to ovulate (when i was ovulating) 2 time per month, once out of each ovary. and sometimes it was much as 8 days apart....LOL. so either way i would take the test on the first day of your missed period and if it is neg and u don't start i would then wait a week and test again before goin to the dr.....u might be suprised if u didnt get pg from one egg u have a back up....i am hoping the best for u and crossing my fingers....keep me posted......kimmie
by bunpup, Jul 20, 2005
My history: ttc for 1 year.  Third attempt at IUI this month using gonal-f injections, then HCG injection for ovulation.  I had an IUI on 7/12.  Starting about 6 days later, started having cramping.  Peaked (strongest cramping) on Monday, 7 days post IUI.  The cramps have come back each day, but aren't as prevelent (much weaker, but there, they still come and go).  I have very sore bb's (that kicked up a notch on Monday also).

Any idea if this could be a positive sign?  I go for my beta b/w on Monday (want to move it up to Friday... can't wait!).  Also, how many days post IUI can I get the beta blood test done?  Is 10 days long enough?  I know I have to wait for the HCG injection to be out of my system, but in the past it's out by 10 days.  THank you!!!
by tough_mama_2_be, Sep 27, 2008
I have done extensive research on this because my husband  and I have been trying for a year now. I ovulated on the 13th and felt cramping and nausea the following week and still experiencing the two symptoms. It is now the 27th and I began a pinkish spotting on the 26th. The cramping and nausea tapers on and off; so does the spotting. I've been wearing a pad to monitor the spotting and I am very good with keeping up with my cycles.

However I was having trouble pin pointing my ovulation so I began using the ovulation estimator on a website I found.
Every woman's body is different so symptoms vary and not all women bleed during implantation. In my case I seem to have every early pregnancy symptom and will test in two days unless I see a normal period flow. If AF comes then I will not test.

Also keep in mind for those of you trying to conceive, that if you test too early before your next period is due then you can run the chance of suffering an emotional trauma if your test shows positive and then your period begins shortly after. Spare yourself the pain and heartache and wait a day or two after your period due date if your late. Your HCG levels should be detectable then.
by Aggy99, Jul 30, 2009
hi all, i am new to this and dont know most of the terms but i'd like to discuss something and any imput would be great.  Me and my husband are trying to conceive for three months now and no luck yet, however, I started spotting brown/pink blood three days before my period was due.  It is now july 30th (day ofmy expected menstrual) and i'm having some cramping and back pain but little bleeding and my breasts are still sore.  I am usually very regular (28 day cycle) and am just curious if anyone experienced this and whether this could be implantation bleeding or early onset of my menstrual?
by Momofthreecrazykids, Jul 30, 2009
For me, the implantation cramp was a pinching feeling on my left side.  Then I'd cramp on and off for 4 days or so.  No bleeding or anything.  The pinching feeling started on 6 days past ovulation (DPO) and got my positive test on the 9th day with a cheapy.  Dollar store type.  

But boy, do I remember that feeling when she was implanting!!
Good luck