Is it normal for babies to move a lot during the last weeks of pregnancy?
by carogrp88, Jul 26, 2008
Hello! I'm now 35 weeks pregnant and now my baby has been moving a LOT!! it's so funny because my last 2 posts were about low fetal movement!! She is now moving all the time and it really hurts!! I can see how she moves her feet elbows and little arms. I read before that they usually decrease their movements when they are almost due, but she seems to have increased them by a 100% ..! It's that normal? Has anyone noticed that their babies also increased their movements in their last weeks?
Thank you!!!
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by girl0319, Jul 26, 2008
Its normal... i remember in my 9th month of pregnancy my little girl was moving like crazy and i felt them a lot more!!
by 2ndBaby, Jul 26, 2008
At 35 weeks my baby was a mover and a shaker!  I could feel him much stronger because HE was much stronger-and bigger!  And he was bumping into parts I didn't much like bumped :)  But by week 40 my little guy was so wedged in there (he was 8 lb 7 oz) that he wasn't able to move quite as much.
by GRose, Jul 26, 2008
I felt lots of movement with my son, I dont remember him ever slowing down actually, he was(and still is) very active.
by devon715, Jul 26, 2008
It is sooo normal it means she is heathly and ready to meet you my daughter moved all the time and by my last week slowed down she was 9 lbs 4 oz enjoy her moving because by the time you know it she will be here:)  good luck and congrats!
by carogrp88, Jul 27, 2008
Thank's a lot for the answers :)!!!!
I'll let you know once she's born!!
by macias_hernandez, Aug 20, 2008
i feel the same exact way im 35 weeks with a baby boy this is my 4th pregnancy and i never felt this bad with my other kids. i just want this pregnancy to be over with
by Atiya717, Jan 18, 2009
I thought I was the only one who was dealing with a extremely busy baby!! I am 31 1/2 weeks and my baby has not stop moving around since I got pregnant, I'm glad to know that this is normal because I was beginning to worry.