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It is the end :( ::::
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It is the end :( ::::

So, Jordana did NOT breast feed all weekend or today. I have not nursed her in 3 days. I cried a lot friday over my last post, but it was what I need to realize that my dd had indeed weaned herself. She has not tried to nurse at all, and shows no signs of missing it or ever acting like she did at all. It is painful. But, I am gradually accepting it and I put in a call today at my OBGYN's office and they put in a RX for my BC pills. *SIGH* I will be happy to be back on the pill, it really helps me to stay regular and my moods are better and not as topsy turvy. (or BOPsy turvy, lol:) So, It is the end or the Breast feeding era for now. Perhaps if I have another in a few years (ya never know), he/she will continue to a year or longer. 8 months seems to be the magic number with my kids when it comes to BF'ing. *SIGH again* was good though that they each got Breast milk for that amount of time.

I wanted to thank all of you ladies for your kind words. Some really touched my heart and made me feel more at ease with the reality of the situation of my dd weaning herself. Thanks and hugs!  

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Aww...I got a little teary eyed reading your post! I get it bops, it is sad and hard to give up. It's such a special, tender time in life and doesn't last long enough. Just cherish the 8 months you did give her of mama's milk and intense bonding. Get ready to get those sexy bras out now ;) BIG HUGS!
AWE Man!!!! i almost cryed when i read your post!
I am breast feeding and supplementing (bangs head against wall!), I wanted to just breast feed, but no one gave me advise and i didn't know there was  more than just putting your baby to the breast...
I thought that my milk will come and 'stay' no matter how much or little i'd feed her... so by 4 weeks, when it was more 'convenient' for me to bottle feed her, i realized my milk was almost none... =((((

I tried to build it up, and from 1 oz from both breasts I went to 3 oz.... but cannot produce more than that. I pump twice at work, but dont bring more than 6 oz.... and at night time i seem to produce more milk, but not enough for baby now that she eats more....(she's 3 1/2 months now!)

I also saw she went from 75% to 50% that month I tried my hardest to bring my milk supply up, and has stayed like that since i breast feed her more...
She seems to be satisfied when i bf her, but sometimes i wonder if it's really enough for her.... she eats every hour to 2 hours....or so.

So i am really wondering if, after all (best thing ever to see her latch on and put her little chubby and warm hand over my chest) im doing the best thing for her....
She is not gaining weight  as my one friend's baby (same age, bottle fed).  She's over a pound heavier than my baby!!! and her parents are both really short! (me and dh are tall).

I really wonder sometimes if i should just wean her off... and bottle fed, after all i almost made it to 4 months.....

So when i read your post... i was like... OH MAN!!! when i see that little face and i see that nothing else consoles her or puts her to 'nighty night' like my breast..... i just wanna cry!!! it's just so AMAZING to be able to provide nurishment (still) to my little one... i never wanna stop nursing! lol (well, maybe when she's 7... lol!!!)

sorry for the long post!

Here's a BIG BIG cyber HUG!!! =) hang in there girl! at least you were able to do so, cherish it!!! it would be harder if you had to wean her and she wasn't ready.... ;)
**big hug** from me too!!  I am bfing my 6.5month old dd and I could cry just thinking about weaning her.  She is starting to show signs - like just being too interested in the rest of the world than in my boob!!  It is sad....but be thankful your dd weaned herself.  I think it is much easier when baby decides it is the right time than if mommy decided before baby is ready.  I am hoping my dd weans herself when she is ready too - I am terrified to do it the other way around...too heartbreaking!  
I am just interested in knowing what you are doing now though(for my own info when I wean my dd)??  Formula?  From a bottle, cup or sippy???  Does she sleep all through the night???  Is she on solids?  And how much??  (pm me if you prefer! Thanks!)
Just think 8 months of bf'ing was an awesome amount of time. Now you will have new joys to experience with your little one as she grows.
ooh bops i havent talked to you in a little ones are running me ragged and i never get to get online anymore ....but you post was touching, just wanted to say i will be weaning haidyn asap if i can, and i feel your pain, shes only 10 months and i dont want to wean her yet and i dont think shes ready but chomper has 4 teeth now and determined to bite my boob i think its the end of the breastfeeding road for me too.....good luck and not that im happy she no longer wants to nurse but at least shes happy and content and wont have separation anxiety from the boob lol, 8 months goes by so quick i still remember when we were both pregnant together ..(hopefully you still remember me!)....if you dont i was the one freaked out about my short labors like you were ;)
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