Itchy postpartum rash, anyone?
by Gili, Dec 04, 2006
Hi, I got this really annoying itchy rash 2 weeks after giving birth vaginally to my daughter.  medicine and sarna lotion don't seem to work.  It itches even more when I scratch and at night.  I heard other moms had postpartum rash too.  What can I do to alleviate the itch and what is the cause?  I breastfeed and it's unbearable at night with the itch.
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by Gili, Dec 04, 2006
By the way, the rash first started on my shin and other parts of my legs and now it's also on my ankle and near the buttocks.
by 4my3boys, Dec 04, 2006
Are you on pain meds? It sounds to me as if maybe you are having an allergic reaction to somethings.  I haev never heard of a post partum rash.  BTW congrats on the baby!!
by aborgial, Jan 24, 2008
Hello.  I am 2 months post partum and have developed the rash all over my body.  It started on the back of my knees and a small patch on the back of my neck.  Later it spread to cover my entire legs as well as stomach and arms.  I have small red circles on my cheeks but the rash does not extend over my nose.  I am concerned that this may be Lupus.  Anyone?
by Krista974, Jun 29, 2008
Okay, here's my story and a cure for the itching at least!  I had a C-Section and had a solid hive from my mid-thigh to my mid-stomach.  The hives were due to the betadine (iodine) used to clean the area for my C-Section.  I also had a rash on my upper arms and stomach starting about the 8th month of pregnancy.  And, about 3 days after birth, I started itching on my legs, arms, stomach, sides, and back that would turn into a rash/hives after I would scratch it.  So, I think I had PUPPP and an allergy to betadine, but I also had this third thing too that I'm calling "postpartum rash".  The steroid shot and dose pack got rid of the betadine allergy and the postpartum rash temporarily, but the postpartum rash came back.  The PUPP went away after birth (except I still have a rash on my upper arms, but it doesn't itch.)  But this third thing has been itching like crazy and I'm 6 weeks postpartum now.  I have been to numerous doctors and lately a dermatologist that has referred me to an allergist just recently.  I'll be making the allergist appointment because I do believe this is an allergy due to changes in hormones from pregnancy.  The dermatologist told me that pregnancy/birth does such a number on your body that you can develop allergies that you never had before.  Anyway, I have taken about every prescription that everyone has discussed as well as over the counter stuff too.  At one point, one doctor even prescribed scabies medicine thinking that might be it!  The cure for the itching is a combination of Hydroxyzine (25 mg 4X per day) and Doxepin (10 mg 3X per day).  This will make the itching go away.  When I was just using Hydroxyzine without the Doxepin I was using Fluocinonide ointment too (which is a stronger ointment than Triamcinolon).  I also have a presctiption for Clobetasol ointment which is supposed to be even stronger than Fluocinonide, but I haven't had the need to take it.  The only downside to the Hydroxyzine/Doxepin mix is that it makes you tired.  I've ordered the Grandpa's Pine Tar Soap that everyone is talking about here to hopefully see if I can at least get rid of the leftover rash on my upper arms from PUPPP because it sounds like that might help.  And, I'm going to an allergist to try to get rid of the postpartum rash for good so that I can stop taking the Hydroxyzine/Doxepin.  Hope this helps!
by donnagaller, Sep 22, 2008
Hi, I had the same problem..the rash was so maddening that I thought I would jump off a cliff if I didn't get rid of it soon.    After weeks of misery and sleeping with ice packs, I finally went to a doctor who knew exactly what was wrong.  I was allergic to my husbands DNA in the placenta.  When the placenta starts to deteriorate at the end of the pregnancy, the lower stomach usually starts itching and gets welts.  Then, after pregnancy, as the placental materials left in the body get reabsorbed into it, the rash becomes systemic and you feel like you will lose your mind from the itchiness.   He gave me a prednisone pack and it was almost gone by the end of the day.   In a few days, it was completely gone and never came back.   I couldn't believe it was gone.  It seemed too good to be true...but it was.  
by Tone423, Feb 11, 2009
Hi I had a baby 9 weeks ago. When she was 4 weeks old i developed a rash.  I have tried everything to get rid of it!  It started in a stretch mark and now is on the backs of my legs, buttocks, ankles and now upper arm and back.  So many creams, pills and about 3 packs of prednisone and now onto a longer course.  I have been to see a dermatologist and next week off to see a natropath because the steriods just mask the problem and don't treat the cause.  Honestly this is the worst thing i have ever experienced.   I think i would rather give birth again than itch for weeks on end. Its ruining my life.  Any suggestions?  Im getting desperate
by Krisztina443, Apr 03, 2009
Hi! I'm so relieved (and sorry) to hear that I'm not alone with this weird condition! I'm a completely healthy 33 yr old, developed some itchiness on the lower arms and lower legs two weeks before an emergency c-section. Within 24 hrs of it, my belly was beet red but not itchy. This spread to the front of my upper thighs (maybe it's the iodine thing that someone else mentioned) and started to spread all over my body. It started burning and itching like crazy. They gave me Benadryl only which did very little to control the itching. The whole thing went into slight remission two weeks later, then returned with a vengeance and I still have it. I was just prescribed prednizone by my allergist, who has no idea what this is. He also took a skin biopsy and I'm going to see a dermatologist. I have a sense that it is a combination of the hormonal changes and the extreme stress I went under for two weeks post partum (my baby was in NICU). I just don't know why it isn't going away now that things are settling.
by ehpplp, Apr 03, 2009
is anyone still bleeding with this rash? i am 7 weeks postpartum and i have this rash as well. the itching is bad enough to make me think i am getting depression. since my bleeding has really picked up again i seem to itch even more. it is on my breasts, stomach, legs, back, butt, and neck. i am breast feeding and fear that i will have to stop in order to make the rash go away.
i have been to the dematologist. he said it was hives and to take zrytec. i tried that but it made both me and my son too sleepy and my milk production was becoming effected.
is there any hope that this will go away?!
by Annice1234, Apr 03, 2009
oh boyy did i have a rash!  it started on my butt at the hospital, and i thought it was from the underwear they made me wear.  then after i got discharged, it spread from my butt all the way up my body to my chin.  i knew something was going on bc i neverrr get rashes!  i still don't know what it was from.  my guess is either the antibiotics they put me on, or the vicodin that i was taking for the pain from the section.  i still kinda think it was the vicodin, but i had taken it for something years before and didnt get a rash.  anyway, my dr had me stop taking everythingg.  no motrin. no vicodin.  nothing.  and i was healing from my section so it wasn't that fun without meds but i did it. ohhh she did put me on one med was a steroid 5 day pack or something.  that seemed to do the trick, but it took almost all 5 days to work. go to the dr if it keeps up. mine was so annoying and awful..and i was dealing w a baby in the nicu at the time too!