Just curious how common miscarriage is after 10-11 weeks?
by Venus8, Nov 03, 2004
Hi guys. I went for my 10 week u/s on Mon. and it looks like I still have a fetal HB of 171 and the fetus measures almost on target. Although I feel like I have a strong chance of miscarrying due to the bleeding and clots, I was just curious how common it is for women to m/c after they have almost reached the 12 week point. I haven't bled since last Tues., which lasted for that day and was followed by brown discharge for a week, but maybe I still have a slight chance? Last time I m/c'ed the fetus lived 2-3 weeks after the bleeding/clotting happened, so that is why I am so worried. Also, the last time I started bleeding in my 4th-5th week and this time it wasn't until I was 9 weeks. Thanks...
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by Myah's Mom, Nov 03, 2004
Hi Venus,
Sorry to hear you are going through this. I mc'd at about 6 weeks, and I know-it's awful. Although I am by no means a Dr, my understanding is that 1) once you see/hear the heartbeat, your chances are drastically less, and 2) your chances of mc after 12 weeks is also significantly less.
I wish that meant that there was no chance at all that you won't mc, but I will say this: you have positive signs! Keep giving this pregnancy the best chance you can. Eat well, take your vitamins, rest, and be kind to yourself. At least if heaven forbid you do mc, you will know in your heart that you did the best you could.
I hope your Dr is relaying some positive info to you with the negative. It seems that they are so worried about being sued that they put everything in "worst case scenario" You have zilch control over the outcome, but you can control your approach. Be positive.
You're in my thoughts are prayers. Hang in.
by Debra_Maine, Nov 03, 2004
A hb of 171 is a very strong hb. My sister bled through her whole pregnancy and my niece is 2 1/2 now. I don't think you are going to m/c. They didn't reassure you at all with that h/b rate?
by Niki73, Nov 03, 2004
When you miscarried last time it was earlier right? You did see a heart beat with your first miscarriage at 9 weeks? I was just trying to figure out if you saw your heart beat at a later week this time. 171 is a really high heart beat....I don't mean that's bad by any means it's just high. With my daughter I think the highest I had was 156 and with this pregnancy the highest has been 145. But aren't the heart beats a lot higher the earlier you are in your pregnancy? Because I don't think I was ever given a heart rate until my 13th week u/s at least.I think you are going to be just fine....I know their are people that have seen a heart beat around 6 weeks and then miscarried but you are at 10 weeks already and the heart beat looks good and your done bleeding and everything still looks good I wouldn't worry. Yes I agree your chances of miscarrying are getting lower as the weeks pass..... They go down quite a bit after 13 weeks.....Good Luck!!!!
by Mandy13, Nov 03, 2004
I hope this help.  I found this article on the web.  

"Most miscarriages start with vaginal bleeding which is initially slight and painless. This is called a threatened abortion, because the pregnancy is threatened by the bleeding. This bleeding is from the mother, and is not fetal blood. About half the time this stops spontaneously and results in no harm to the pregnancy. At this stage, the most useful test is an ultrasound scan (usually done with a vaginal probe). If a fetal heartbeat can be seen, this means that there is a 95 % chance that the pregnancy will proceed normally."
by Siren, Nov 03, 2004
My last miscarriage began when I was exactly 12 weeks along.  My earlier miscarriage was at 5-6 weeks.  However, my 12 week pregnancy did not ever include a check for the heartbeat.  Ironically, I began to bleed on the very day they were scheduled to look for the heartbeat at a regular appointment.  It's very rare to m/c after the 12 week mark, but it does happen.
by PeanutMom, Nov 03, 2004
When I went to my first appt at 6wks, they did an u/s and saw the heartbeat. She told me there was little chance of having a mc after that. So I definately think there is less of a chance at 10-11wks with a heartbeat.

by momttc, Nov 03, 2004
Hey if it were me that were bleeding I would have them pull my progesterone levels!  I wouldn't be able to just sit and wait...  Although things sound fine I would call tomorrow and have them draw blood.  If they find that your levels are low, which is a HUGE reason for a lot of unexplained bleeding and m/c, then they can give you a supplement!

That's a long time to bleed??  see what your progesterone levels are.  if they are stable then like the other girls said it just be how your body deals with pregnancy.

Good luck!  momttc  :)
by Venus8, Nov 03, 2004
I miscarried the first time at 4-5 weeks, the 2nd was at 8 weeks, however, I didn't find out until week 12. The HB was a strong one last time as well and I heard it at week 6, 7, and 8... then at week 12 the u/s showed it stopped growing.
by jennyleightay, Nov 04, 2004
I have been very concerned about a possible miscarriage because the heartbeat was weak at my first ultrasound...however, I have not had any bleeding.  I talked to my mother about this, and she said that when she was pregnant with my younger brother (now age 30), she bled almost constantly for the first two months!!!  It sounds like you are far enough along that you are probably safe...good luck!!