Low Progesterone Levels in 2nd Trimester
by Belaen, Jul 22, 2005
I was using 50 mg. progesterone suppositories per day. I am almost 13 weeks and have stopped using the suppositories per doctor's orders at 12 weeks. Doc won't do futher progesterone testing.

My hcg levels at 16 DPO were 1156, 18 DPO 2296, and at 7 weeks 4 days 132,000.  My progesterone was 17.2 at 16 DPO.

I had an ultrasound done at 5 weeks 5 days and saw a fetal pole and a heart beating at 110 bpm.

I have a home doppler where I can hear the heart rate.  I listen to it everyday and it's in the 160-175 range. I hear and feel movements already. The doctor said my placenta sounds good and baby sounds good.

If my progesterone was low to begin with, doesn't that mean it will always be low during the whole pregnancy?  What if my progesterone levels are still low?  Will that cause a miscarriage even though the heart rate is good and the baby is moving?


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by Stacie30, Jul 22, 2005
the placenta takes over progesterone production somewhere between the 12th and 14th week so the supplements are only necessary until that happens. That's why your doctor isn't worried about it now.
by Belaen, Jul 22, 2005
Thanks for the response.  So if my baby has a good heart rate and is moving now, then I shouldn't worry about my progesterone levels?

But how would my doctor know if my levels were normal now?  Would abnormally low levels at this point cause a problem for the outcome?

The reason I'm asking all these questions is becuase I read a post on a different forum and the lady was exactly as far a long as I am (12w5d) and her progesterone levels dropped to like 24.  She was using suppliments.  So, since my doctor refuses to test my levels at this point, I was just trying to do some of my own research.


by mgi, Jul 22, 2005
I went to a fertility specialist.  they check the levels between 13-14 weeks.  It was funny - my OB says "I don't know why they need to check the levels - we normally just take people off at 14 weeks"  and I thought thats why they are specialists and you aren't!!!  But mine was OK.  SO, I went off teh injections.  They said I coudl stop all - but I had some left so I tool one a night 200 mg  (instead of 3 X per day plus injections)
Good luck
I am 19 weeks 3 days and worry constantly still.
by Stacie30, Jul 22, 2005
Sure. I understand. I went through the same thing with this one (I'm currently almost 35 weeks) I had low levels early on too and was on supplements so I did alot of research on this. LOL

Once you hit the second trimester there is pretty much nothing they can do about progesterone levels if they drop (supplements don't provide enough of what you need to sustain a pregnancy)and a placenta not causing the right hormone production can signal other more severe problems (birth defects, chromosone problems etc) which can't be corrected anyway.

Some doctors will have you stay on the supplements until 14 weeks just to be on the safe side, but they can also tell about the "maturity" of your placenta from ultrasound. Try not to worry- if the baby is healthy and your placenta is functioning properly you don't have anything to worry about. If you're really concerned about it ask your doctor if you can be on supplements for 2 more weeks just to be sure.

My doctor told me to go off the supplements at 12 weeks, but I had some left over and took them until they were gone (14 1/2 weeks).

I'm sure you'll be fine. :o) Chin up- you made it this far. Enjoy the ride.
by Laciswarthout, Jul 28, 2005
Hi there,
im not yet in my 2nd trimester actually only 6 wks but i went to the doctor today and she said my progesterone is 8.5 and should be at least 11.9, my HCG is climbing but is still about 4,000 off. My doctor for some reason does not believe in the Progesterone supplements and believes there isnt enough proof that it works. Im freaking out here!!!! What should i do??? What are the chances of the baby's survival without the supplements?? Is it possible for it to just go up on its own?? PLEASE HELP!!!
by Butterfly_Baybee2005, Aug 09, 2005
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