My 3 month old has Diarrhea......need advice!!!!!
by tazz00057, May 07, 2008
My 3 month old daughter has been having diarrhea for the past 2 days I called her doctor yesterday and he told me to continue to give her formula but to try to buy her lactose free formula or soy he says that should help the diarrhea. I'm today she continues with the diarrhea and I'm to the point where I want to take her to the ER!!!! I need to know what's going on with her. Shes been very fussy and not eating that much and it really isn't like her I'm just really worried that she might get dehydrated. I'm waiting for my husband to get home to go to the ER I really don't want to take my chances. What do you ladies think? Another thing she doesn't have a fever or vomiting I'm pretty sure that's a good thing but why does she have diarrhea that's my concern?????? :(
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by CYW, May 07, 2008
my ds at 4 months old had diharea for 3 weeks.. i know i was going insane but he wasnt dehydrated even though i worried soo much.. the dr said it was just a stomache flu...BUT my bf got this way EVERYTIME he had a tooth pop out and sure enough a week later you could see the white of the tooth and on the day he turned 5 months it was fully out.. 4 days later his second was out...he will be 8 months on the 12th and now has the runs for a few days BEFORE he has a tooth pop out.. and he just got 2 weeks about 2 weeks ago and he has hie eye teeth coming in now and hes back to having the never know...sometimes he has a fever sometimes no.. right now he has the eye teeth his cheeks are REALLY red.. no fever.. but the runs and is really happy go figure...
by peekawho, May 07, 2008
You can always call the doctor back (even after hours, there's always one on call, or some practices have a nurse line) and tell them how many diarrheal stools your daughter had today, how much she's drinking, how many wet diapers today, and ask what you should do.

by fertigshell, May 07, 2008
call the doctor back first, i can tell you from experience, they will but an iv in her if she's dehydrated at the ER. try to avoid this its not pretty with children, try to get her to drink juice, bananas if she's on any food really help to stop you up after a couple times eating them! but keep on your doctor that is what they are for, and do not feel guilty how many times you have to call even after hours, they are there to help you get through things like this!
by tazz00057, May 07, 2008
thank you ladies!!!!! I will continue to monitor her to see if there is any progression. And if is has not gotten any better I will phone her doc.
by tiredbuthappy, May 07, 2008
dd was sick a couple months back with a stomach bug. the ped wanted to see her to make sure she was ok. she was, but the runs continued for several days. she did not eat much either, but never got dehydrated. as long as her mouth is moist she should be ok. I'd go with his advice and go lactose-free. we were advised to do this for a week, and we noticed a difference as soon as we did it. the ped explained that it was just for a while so that her digestive system could get back on track. even though she didn't have the virus anymore, their digestive systems are still maturing and can take a while to recover. a week later we switched back to normal formula and she was ok.
by Crritter, May 07, 2008
I hope your little one is feeling better.  I would honestly avoid the ER, there are so many sick people there.  Right now there are a few different bugs going around.  I would follow Peek's advice, call the nurse.  Our ped office has someone there till 8 pm and then they have an oncall Dr.  Our Dr. would rather have us seen by a ped then go in, but again all Dr.;s are different.   It sounds mean, but if you kinda pinch baby's belly, does the skin go back?  If it tents up and stays there, then she is dehydrated.  It's awful to watch them be sick and miserable, but I would push the fluids and keep track of diapers and feedings and call the Dr.  I would also ask the nurse for an appt tomorrow if it's still going on, it will ease you both.  Hang in there and I hope she feels better soon.
by boosty, May 07, 2008
i would change to soy formula. its actually healthier i was told and i did that too with my daughter . but my daughter had bad constipation. and when she turned 1, i gave her regular 2% milk to start her with light. shes fine . once i told my doctor that my daughter has diahrrea and he asked me this " does the poo drip off if you turn the diaper upside down?"  i said no. then he said "then thats not constipation".  i dont know if all that iis true, but its helped me . just sharying my experience.
by pertykitty, May 08, 2008
arent you supposed to give full fat milk till 2 or so?
by AndiJ78, May 08, 2008
Supposed to, they need the added fat for brain and nervous system development.