NO gestational sac seen on u/s although HCG levels @ 3400
by NinaC76, Sep 15, 2009

I was given an early u/s to date my pregnancy b/c my menstrual cycle is soooo off. I went in for the u/s and they saw nothing but small fluid collection in my uterus and they said they should have at least seen a sac. They sent me ti have my HCG levels tested directly after the u/s and my levels were @ 3400 which indicated I was 2-3wks pregnant. They said it was a possible ectopic.

I went back to test HCG levels 48hrs later and it doubled as it should to 5658. I insisted on going back into the doc's ofc to get some answers b/c all they were giving me was a bunch of run around. I had been having some light cramping and very light brownish spotting so I was even more nervous that it was ectopic.

I went into the ofc and the doc didn't order another u/s just said that it had to be ectopic and sent me to the cance center to be injected with methotrexate to end the pregnancy so I didn't have a tubal rupture. 4 days later I went to have my HCG levels ckd again to make sure the drug was working and the levels were coming down, only to find out that they doubled yet again and were not @ 10279. I had more blood drawn 4 days later again and this time the levels had not gone down yet but they didn't rise much either, they were now @ 10850.

NOW the doc ordered a 2nd u/s which I went into thier ofc for 3days after my bloodwork and there it was clear as day in my uterus, not only a sac and yolk but also the embyro and I even heard the heartbeat. The pregnancy dated 6wks and 5days which means that it just may have have been too soon to have seen anything @ all w my 1st u/s but they jumped and gave me these shots of methotrexate which is going to cause me to miscarry in what was going to be a normal pregnancy.

Has anyone ever heard of this happening? Has anyone else not seen anything on u/s although thier HCG levels were @ a level that you should? Has anyone gone on to carry a healthy baby to term after having been given this methotrexate?

Any answers are helpful and greatly appreciated. I feel that this doc just basically killed my unborn child!

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by tam2girls, Sep 15, 2009
I am not sure how they could do this to you. I had a friend who was told yes you are pregnant no your not yes you are no your not. She had several U/S nothing showed up. She had a dnc done at what should have been 8 weeks and then when things were still not ok with her body she went for another us and there was her little girl who had survived the dnc and was measuring a healthy 16weeks. If her little one can survive all that then they can survive a lot. I hope your little one will hold on for you and refuse to let go.