Newborn shaking...?
by Aviatophobia, Jun 29, 2009
Well, here's my deal. My baby was born a few days ago, about a week and a half before his due date. Everything seemed to be fine except that he was spitting up to start and he has tremors.

We were told there could be a few reasons why he's shaking. First he could have low sugar levels. Second; he could be going through symptoms of withdrawl. (Here's me scoffing, BTW.) And last, that he might have an underdeveloped nervous system; which will correct itself as he grows.

They testing him for low sugar; but his level was 55...the nurse said that was normal for a newborn.
They screened my urine for drugs, and it came up negative.

Now they're testing him for drugs and having me talk with social workers; and to be honest, I'm getting more than a little frustrated.

He's been in the hospital for several days now; and both of us just want our baby to come home.

How much longer is this going to go on? I'm hearing mixed things from the nurses...some say he's irritable, but others say he's one of the quietest babies in the nursery. He never really fusses when we're around, so I'm inclined to believe the latter.  
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by peekawho, Jun 29, 2009
They have to try to get to the bottom of what is causing the tremors.  They need to rule out the most common causes first, and that would be blood sugar and drugs.  

So far, you report the blood sugar has been good.  I'm going to presume that he will be clean for drugs.  Please be aware though, that virtually everyone who uses drugs while pregnant denies it.   I'm not saying a thing about you, personally--its just that medical people hear it all the time, so they have to rule it out regardless.
Which you understand.

I'm sure the doctors want to do the safest thing for the baby, and he will be released when they feel he'll do well at home.  That's what you want.  
by tam2girls, Jun 29, 2009
Did you eat a lot of chocolate or have a lot of coffee or tea during your pregnancy because that can also cause mild withdrawl. As a rule I had 1 cup of coffee a day when I was pregnant and continued while breast feeding as I did not wnt to upset my bub by sudden withdrawl. I also didn't exclude choclate from my diet as I had eaten it during my pregnancy. Good luck I hope it all works out for you.
by jacob75, Jun 30, 2009
it is okay they eare testing u and the baby for u guys especially for the baby's goodness...medical professionals see a lot of pregnant woman taking drugs during and after pregnancy even if u werent and arent ..they supposed to do it...i know how irritating this could be for you ..i am sorry  please stay patient and wait for them to tell you what the next step would be for the baby stay calm...
big hugggggggggggggs
by Darkestlight, Jul 01, 2009
Both of my dd were born at 37wks. Both shook. My first one they did nothing about, told me it was her nervous system that was underdeveloped. They were right and it went away. My second who was born on the 17th they did a brain scan to rule out seizures. She is fine as well and the shaking has stopped. She is 2wks old now