No Pregnancy symptoms,low hcg/progesterone. Miscarriage?
by Ricki128, Dec 15, 2012
I found out I was pregnant Dec 2...but i had this feeling something wasnt right. So when I went in for my 1st appt at 6 weeks, they did an ultrasound. They said I was measuring BEHIND putting me at 5 weeks. No heartbeat. Could just see the sac..she said baby should come next.

Next day doc calls with my lab progesterone was low (15) they wanted to see a 20. So Im on progesterone every day now.

They also had me do the 48 hour hcg blood work. First day I was around 4500...48 hours later 6500 ish. Doctor said things are progessing like a "normal" pregnancy should.

Im a mess...I feel like something isnt right...I have NOOOO pregnancy symptoms at all..feel normal..a little bloated though. (Ive been pregnant before and have had symptoms by now)

Im scheduled for another ultrasound next week to see if theres any progress. My doc said it isnt looking good..

Im nervous on 2 levels:
1) what is going on??? Am I going to miscarry?
2) is something wrong with the baby??

Anyone ever go through this? results?
I can handle good and bad
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by Dr. Kokil MathurBlank, Dec 19, 2012
At this stage it is very difficult to predict whether you are going to miscarry or not. You have low progesterone which is being taken care of and your HCG levels are progressing well. So, things should be fine. Not all women have the regular symptoms of pregnancy. So, that should not be a cause of concern. What is important is that both HCG (these should double) and progesterone levels should rise. Normally a gestational sac with a yolk sac appears at about 5 weeks (calculated from your last missed period date) of pregnancy and can be well visualized by 6 weeks on a transvaginal (through a vagina) ultrasound (so it can be missed at 5 weeks), when you can see a fetal pole too. Fetal heart beat usually appears by 8-9 weeks. Hence, fetal development also needs to be monitored by ultrasound, which I am sure your doctors will also do. As of now, you can just hope and pray—will do the same for you. Take care!