Post Miscarriage Lactation-- What's normal?
by Domino18, Sep 03, 2006
I recently suffered a miscarriage at 7 weeks. (It's been about 2 weeks since my most severe pains due to natural miscarriage.) All bleeding has stopped now. My breasts feel different (not as dense as usual.) A few days ago, I accidently applied some pressure to my breast and I saw a few drops of whitish liquid. From what I've read online, women lactate after 14 weeks of pregnancy. I would've been 10 weeks pregnant if I didn't miscarry. Is this normal?
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by stormy1373, Sep 03, 2006
yes, this is normal,,,,,,I had a discharge that turned cursty after losing mine at 13weeks.........I am sorry you lost your little one!  How hard it is!  I wish you the best!
by mumwith#4, Sep 03, 2006
It doesn't necessarily mean you were further than you thought. It just means that some of the hormones continued to play a role and your body received some mixed messages. I think it's sweet that our body and hormones will assume that it has to produce certain hormones and begin lactation until it is absolutely positively certain that there is nothing left to nurture anymore. It's like life won't let go until it has to...don't you think? I'm sorry to hear of your loss. I understand too having sufferred a m/c about 5 years ago, but am now pg with #4 and have not had one m/c since, it can happen to anyone and doesn't mean it will be a continuous cycle of m/c's. I hope you are able to TTC very soon! Baby Dust :)
by Domino18, Sep 04, 2006
To my knowledge, the same hormone (oxytocin) that causes uterine contractions (as during labor or miscarriage?) also helps produce milk. But that's just my knowledge from my Bio 100. Thanks all for your kind comments. I'm not looking to have a baby right now but I'm definitely going to save that dust for later! :-)
by tasha813, Nov 28, 2012
i lost my baby 10weeks through and to this date my baby would have been born in October 2012 and i just checked my nipples and i still lactate.Can someone please tell me whats happened and why?
by kat106, Dec 04, 2012
It's very common because of all the hormones involved. I had a miscarriage at 8 weeks pregnant and began lactating 3 months later. Cabbage compresses on your breasts as well as sage tea will dry up the milk. I recommend doing a Fertility Cleanse Kit too. The cleanse will flush out all the extra pregnancy hormones that are still floating around in your body and restore balance. It also helped me to get pregnant again:) Good luck and baby dust to you!