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Pregnant but body isnt acknowledging it??
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Pregnant but body isnt acknowledging it??

First off, let me give some background info. I am a very, very very overweight 28 year old woman. I have a 21 month old son. The pregnancy was fairly uncomplicated and he is super healthy. After I had him, my periods (which had been irregular my whole life) suddenly seemed to regulate.

I had a pregnancy scare back the end of March, but got a negative pregnancy test and than got my period. I didn’t feel well on and off in April so I took another test and it was still negative. I got my period in April as well as May, June and July, but June and July were lighter and shorter than I thought they would be.

So, about 3 weeks ago, I felt what felt like a baby moving and I thought that it was some really strong gas or something. It happened a few more times, so I decided to take a pregnancy test again and it was still negative.

I decided it was my imagination, but then I noticed that my abdomen felt kind of hard/firm where squishy fat should be. At my weight, I don’t usually feel anything hard if I push down. I also had gained some weight even though I had generally been trying to diet again. I felt like I was going crazy and was just kind of waiting to see if anything seemed different in the following week or so. The hardness is definitely not my imagination, but I have been super confused about what it could be.

I have also continued feeling what feels like a baby moving on and off. Sometimes it feels like a summersault, some times like a bump or a nudge and sometimes just like pressure. I have been feeling something at least once a day, but most days. I am feeling 5-10 "movements" that I specifically notice.

I keep going back and forth between thinking its all in my head and being sure that I am pregnant and my body is just acting screwy.

But then a four days ago, I bought a second hand Doppler to see if I heard anything…..Ive been playing around with it the last couple of days. At first. I didn’t really hear anything, but I could have sworn something kicked the Doppler a couple of times the other day. And then the other night, I was trying to hear something and I found what seems like a whooshing heart beat sound in my abdomen. I actually ended up finding it in quite a few spots, both to the right and left of my belly button.

I video taped the sound so you could hear it.

When I looked up "doppler sounds" and listened to recordings, I thought it sounded like the sound the placenta makes? I also heard this other sound and recorded it as well.

This sound also seemed to be of the placenta? Is there anything else that can make these sounds? I know an artery runs through your stomach, but I was under the impression that if you were very heavy it would be harder to hear? Also that you would hear it in a couple of spots right around the artery, not all over my abdomen?

The Doppler did not register this sound as a heartbeat with the numbers on the screen. But later, I was chasing a sound that seemed strange. It was very blurry but different from other things I had heard so far. I kept trying to get it and all of a sudden it registered as a heartbeat on the Doppler. It was still very hard for me to hear and the Doppler wasn’t picking it up clearly, but the numbers stayed on the screen (around 125 bpm) until the sound moved and faded away. The next day, I was able to pick up something that once again registered as a heartbeat even though it was hard for me to hear. This time it was about 130 bpm.

Is there anything that could cause these things besides a baby? I am super worried that I am pregnant, but getting into the doctor is proving complicated due to insurance issues. I have a call into my ob/gyn to see how much it will cost to be seen without insurance.

But in the meantime, I thought I would get any opinions I could. I really appreciate ANY help!

Thanks SO much!
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Why not just go to the doctor and get a blood test for pregnancy?  
i so agree with annie its better to go and get a blood test than guessing whats going on with your body.
Hey guys,

Thanks for the replies.  As I said later on in my post, I am having trouble getting to the doctor due to insurance issues.  I am trying to figure it out. I have medicaid but my doctor doesn't accept it.  The clinic which is run under the same office accepts it but has no opening atm.

I have a call into my doctor trying to find out how much it would cost to pay for an appointment with her out of pocket but so far I havent heard from them.

Part of me feels like a complete idiot for not knowing what is going on.

Does anyone have an opinion on the doppler clips?
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