Pregnant with I.U.D. and period??
by AAAMiz, Jun 29, 2005

I have been scouring the internet for answers and decided to register here and post.  I have two boys, ages 10 and 4, and have been feeling what seems to be fetal movements in my belly for the past 2-3 weeks.  The strange thing is, I have been having my periods regularly (heavy flow) AND I currently have an I.U.D. that's been in place for over 3 years now.  I started with light quickening/fluttering movements and has now progressed to twitching/nudging in my belly.  I took a PT and it was neg.  HOWEVER I have had experiences with false neg. tests before.  I have tried to ignore it, but it keeps happening.  Can't get a dr. appt. until mid-July so was hoping to hear from others who have heard of getting preg. with an IUD and still having periods.....does having an IUD mask preg. symptoms and HCG levels?  I have only felt these types of movements when preg. with my 2 previous.  Only other preg. sympts. are frequent urination and slightly swollen belly (I was sick as a dog w/ first two).

Thank you in advance for your time!

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by cinnamonheart, Jun 29, 2005
Well I havent had an IUD and anything is possible. My dh had a vasectomy and Now I have a 8 month old!
You could re test again..wait take an early morning urine but other than that its a waiting game since you have already booked a doctor's appointment. He could do blood work to confirm it and a u/s If your feeling movement in your stomach that would mean you have to be any where from 16 weeks or more???
by andileigh, Jun 29, 2005
I am just curious...a friend of mine has an IUD and doesn't get a period at all...are you supposed to get one with it?
by Austinsmom28, Jun 29, 2005
I honestly don't think you are PG. If you are already feeling movement, that means you are at least 3 months along, and any test would pick up the HCG levels if you are that far along.
by Christie2004, Jun 29, 2005
Having a pregnancy with an IUD in place doesn't affect HCG levels.  It is very unusual (but nothing is impossible) that HCG wouldn't be detected in your urine if you are advanced enough in pregnancy to feel movements.

I did get pregnant with an IUD, and didn't know it because I bled all the time.  When I started getting nauseated and tired of the bleeding, went to the doctor and he did a pregnancy test which was positive.  I was probably about 4 months pregnant.

So a test, properly done, should show HCG in your urine.  But seeing your doctor is wise.  He can do a blood preg. test and settle the isssue.
by Still_AndiJ, Jun 30, 2005
I haven't had a period yet and I am 13 months post pardum with Tristan. I am in the process of weaning, but he has been on solids for 6 months. I called my OB and she said it is normal to not bleed with an IUD, much like depo, some women bleed all the time and some don't at all.

by Karisma691, Jul 03, 2005
Hi I'm new to all of this.  My best friend had an I.U.D. in and had periods and had no reason to think she was pregnant.  She was six months pregnant and had her I.U.D. removed to change I guess when her belly swelled up and the doc said it was normal but did a test to be sure and sure enough she found out she was SIX MONTHS pregnant!  Sound unbelievable but it was true!
by silly_gurl, Aug 03, 2008
ive had similiar problems, i've had my iud (paraguard) in for three yrs. & had my period too..but recently i've been very nauseated, i've even vomitted a few times throughout the day with some cramping & like i said i still have my period only its slightly irregular (not as heavy & its red & brown the whole time) so like you i am confused yet concerned.....
by New Mommy 2 Be 2007, Aug 03, 2008
my mom had an iud in here and she had reg periods one night she wakes up and go to the e.r with my dad way before i was born only my older sis was born and she was in so much pain in her belly so when she got there they didnt understand why she was in so much pain so they did the ultrasound and she was 6 months preggo and the pain she had was an infection which cause the uterus to contract she had to deliver the baby it was a boy he died in like 15 mins that was her only boy she has me n my two sisters. very weird
by New Mommy 2 Be 2007, Aug 03, 2008
where u live go to the e.r if u have a womens hospital in ur area