Rice cereal and my 3 month old
by leigh1972, Feb 02, 2007
I have a almost 3 month old, and was wondering if it was to soon to put rice cereal in one of her bottles?  i have talked to several cousins, and they insist that I should do it to early?
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by ladydixierose, Feb 02, 2007
I had to with both my daughters. But, I started a little younger because they wanted to eat every hour on the hour and I thought they were not getting enough to eat. I started out with the rice and they did great!!!!! Best of luck to you and the new baby!!!:)
by decogrl, Feb 02, 2007
I was told by my pediatrician that it can be a choking hazard to feed that way.  It is better to spoon feed it from a bowl.  Also, be aware that rice cereal can constipate.  Try it out and if it has that affect, switch to oatmeal.  Try just a tiny bit.  My pediatrician told me to start veggies and fruit with my 4 month old. DD was not ready to tolerate it.  She was pooping all the time and was acting very wierd.  THere is no need to rush into any of this.
by ma2isiah, Feb 02, 2007
I think it is way too early.  The American Academy of Pediatrics now reccommends nothing but breast milk or forumula until 6 months. If you do it too soon then they are at higher risk for allergies, obesity and intestinal problems!
by Me2mommy2b, Feb 02, 2007
i agree with's a little too early..consult with your ped
by anxiousmomtobe?, Feb 02, 2007
Definitely check with your doc, I think they recommend 6 months before solids.  I started my ds at 5.5 months on rice cereal mixed with breast milk and fed off a spoon.  I wouldn't put it in a bottle.
by Kel Kel1, Feb 02, 2007
my dd has acid reflux and wouldn't (still doesn't) sleep she is 6 my doctor said to put cereal in her bottle.  I put oatmeal in her bottle a table spoon per 4 oz and she has been fine, hasn't made her sleep any better but it was more for her acid reflux.  As alway ask your doctor.  I saw on Dr. Phil the other day that its a big no no to do this before 6 months i also have been givin her fruits per my doctor since 4 months and the Dr. Phil show said no because of allergys and intenstines develpin too.  I would look up all information that you can for your self and consult your always it seems doctors have different opinions and we just need to educate ourselfs...goodluck
by fitzy11, Feb 02, 2007
I would not do it either. I think  many moms did it years ago, I know mine did. But it is not recommended today. I think the AAP says it does not help baby to sleep through the night despite what you may hear from others.
by rubyolivia, Feb 02, 2007
I think it's fine to give cereal to your child at 3 mos. Standards and reccommendations keep changing and changing, but you know your own child and you know what that baby needs! :) A baby I nannied for was hungry constantly and their pediatrician actually suggested to give the baby and electrolyte solution (such as pedialyte) between feedings if he was too hungry. These solutions are not sugared down, but not watered down and provide some nutrition (not of course as much as milk) and also helps to fill baby to "tide them over". Hope this helps!