Sever Diaper Rash
by nikki2274, Apr 13, 2007
Moms, please poor 7 month DD has severe diaper rash...her little bum is so raw that it is nearly bleeding in the center of the rash (the worse area is about the size of a nickel) looks like the top layer of her skin as shedded off.
I put a thick coating of diaper rash cream (desitin creamy)at every changing, which is every three hours.  I don't want her to sit in the wet diaper too long.  
She has not been sleeping well since this started on Tuesday and cries with the wet wipes.  I even use the alcohol free ones.

She is teething and has bowel movements about 3-4 times a day.  Probably due to the veggies and fruits.  My DH  and I decided to stop the solids except for rice cereal in the hopes that she will not have as many BM.  
I started Bourdeaux Butt Paste yesterday becasue it has more zinc oxide than any of the others out there.  
My mom suggested corn starch, just in that area.  She said that she put that on me when I was a baby (30 years ago).  

Does anyone have any other suggestions?
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by jd1419, Apr 13, 2007
My son was this way when he would be teething.  I finally had to bring him to the doctor and got a prescription strength diaper cream.  He would constantly have the runs when teething.  Also bag balm works really well in these cases. Cuts down on the acid that is coming through.  Can be found at wal mart.  Diaper wipes hurt them--I would finally just need to use a warm wash cloth and then let her air out for a little while.  Air is actually the best to help heal the diaper rash--try 10 minutes after every diaper change--should help quite a bit.
by over40club, Apr 13, 2007
its possible that yeast could be the culprit...your pedi. can perscribe an ointment if that is the case. When it is that bad...warm water alone running over their bottom is better than the wipes...also vaseline to coat the area and protect it.  My DD had a bad stomach bug and had the runs for a week..she got diaper rash bad. The vasoline helped the most for her promote healing.
by Agiesmom, Apr 13, 2007
I'd take her to the doctor.  My dd had diaper rash about a month ago and it ended up being a yeast infection.  He told me to stop the Desitin (like the Butt Paste) and only use the prescription cream and she healed right up.

Seriously, if there's a raw spot like that, take her to the doctor--today...before the weekend.
by RockRose, Apr 13, 2007
I totally agree,  it does sound like yeast.  It sounds like its gotten really bad - for a more mild yeast diaper rash, I just kept a tube of vagisil on hand.   Yeast responds REALLY quickly.

Also,  use warm wet paper towels rather than any kind of commercial diaper wipe.

Best wishes.  
by AndiJ78, Apr 13, 2007
I would toss the desitin creamy, it is a poo-poo product. It tends to wipe off pretty quickly. I agree with keeping a yeast cream on hand, we keep nystantin on hand, if it is yeast it usually responds within 2 treatments. We use the thicker creams any other time, like regular desitin or our favorite, the Kroger brand diaper cream.

Also, look at the diapers. If you happen to use Pampers or Luvs, their heavy perfumes can cause a rash as well. My 1st had a wicked diaper rash that would not go away, we treated it with rx yeast cream, and rx for what we thought could have been a staph infection, stopped using wipes and used only baking soda water, did colloidal oatmeal baths, etc. Turned out it was the Pampers! We started noticing the same thing with our second at about 7 or 8 months of age and knew immediately what it was, we switched to Kroger diapers (no scent, good protection) and the rash went away. I am anticipating the same thing with CJ. I keep a watchful eye out for the tell tale signs.

by crystalluvsjim, Apr 13, 2007
I haven't tried this yet but I'm going to if I need neighbor and good friend said that this is the best stuff(over the counter) out there, Resinol (about $11 per container around here but goes a long way). Best wishes and please let us Mommies know what works for your baby!

by Crritter, Apr 13, 2007
My son went through that too when he was teething.  It's pretty common but really hard to handle, it breaks your heart to see your little one in that shape.  The Desitin will not help at this point and may start to hurt some in the cracks.  I like the Butt Paste, the nnurse recommended it to us but when it gets to the poit where you have cracking and bleeding, you should call her Dr. and see if you can get her in or have a prescription called in for her.  Out here it's called Poop Goop and works like a charm on yeast infections and diaper rash.  It's like this magical cure all and works fast, was designed by a pharmacist and is pretty popular with the pediatricians out here.  We mix it at our pharmacy alot.  I bet your little one needs a prescription for something like that, to help it get under control.  It never hurts to call her Dr.  I hope she feels better soon.
by nikki2274, Apr 13, 2007
Thank you to all...never would have thought of yeast...I just left a message at her peds office to see if I can get in today...I will let you know the outcome
by poohfan, Apr 13, 2007
my grandmother use to brown flour in a frying pan and put on my babies butts, it works!!!!!!!!!!!1