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Strange BBT Readings??
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Strange BBT Readings??

This is more of an ovulation/post ovulation/BBT/cycle question, but I couldn't find a form for it.
I also go into detail with my cycle, but I am confused about why my BBT is showing me.

I'm 21 years old. and my boyfriend and I use the pull-out method, we know it's not the best way to not get pregnant, but it's what we do.

I started my period on January 4th. (I usually have a cycle of 28 days but from the start of my dec. cycle to the start of my jan. cycle it was 26 days)
My period was very different than it ever has been. I bleed heavy/medium for one day and after that it slowed down, by the third day I was just spotting. I continued to spot until the morning of the 10th (cycle day 7) I usually have a menstruation cycle of 5 days heavy to medium then light on the last day.

I had relations with my boyfriend on the 11th (cycle day 8)
My BBT on the 12th (cycle day 9) was a temperature of 97.73
I took it again on the 13th (cycle day 10) and had a temperature of 97.53
I had forgotten to take my temperature on the 14th (cycle day 11)  oops!
I had relations with my boyfriend on the 14th as well
And on the 15th (cycle day 12) my temperature had spiked up to 98.60
On the 16th (cycle day 13) my temperature remained at 98.60
I had relations with my boyfriend again on the 16th
On the 17th (cycle day 14) my temperature dropped to 97.73
On the 18th (cycle day 15) my temperature dropped again to 96.48
Today on the 18th (cycle day 16) my temperature was 96.48 again
Also around 3pm today I saw a pink/very light red coloring with my vaginal mucus.

Now I assumed that I ovulated on the 14th since the day after I had a huge rise in temperature, but if I had ovulated then why isn't my temperature staying at the higher levels, my period is estimated to arrive on the 29th (assuming that this cycle will remain a 26 day cycle)

I have been taking my temperature the minute I wake up, I don't do anything before, and I've been taking it orally, also placing in the same general spot in my mouth. I am using a Basal Body Thermometer.

I'm just trying to make sense of what these numbers mean, or why my temperatures are low then high than low if I have had a regular cycle for years now, does my cycle being shortened by two day affect anything?
I am pregnant?
Or is there a chance that I am not producing enough of the hormones that are released after ovulation?

Andy insight at all would be very helpful to me!
Thank you so much for you time reading and/or responding!
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While charting a basal body temperature, any rise of 0.4 degree above the previous readings gives an indication of ovulation. The ovulation could have occurred within the last 24 hours of taking the temperature or could occur in next 24 hours.  If the rise in temperature is maintained for the next 14-18 days, then chances of pregnancy are high, and you should test for pregnancy after 14 days. However, in your case, the BBT has fallen down. Usually this indicates no pregnancy. However, to be on safe side, if you do not get periods by 31st of Jan (28 completed days) then take a pregnancy test and see. Take care!
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