Testing positive to pregnancy while breastfeeding
by gmfp, Sep 02, 2006
My child is 9 months old, and she is still breastfeeding.  I have not resumed my cycle.  I was wondering, would the hormones produced during breastfeeding cause me to have a false positive on a pregnancy test if I took one?  I am having some symptoms of pregnancy.
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by mommie2, Sep 02, 2006,,11_158420,00.html

paste this in your browser and it will answer your question. In short the hcg which is present when pregnant is not present when either breast feding or not if you are not pregnant. So to answer, breastfeeding will not give you a false positive. Hope this helps.
by mumwith#4, Sep 03, 2006
I did not get a period for the majority of the time that I breastfed my babies. My first baby was breastfed for six months (she weaned herself off - sob!) and I had 2 cycles about 40 days apart before I fell pregnant with #2. I fed him for 11 months had first and only cycle the next month and fell pregnant with #3. I fed him for 12 months but actually had first period when he was 10 months and had 2 cycles before falling pregnant with #4 (now 8.5wks along)! I guess my point is that you will always ovulate before you get a period so it is possible to fall pregnant while breastfeeding without even getting a period and second of all you will not get a positive hpt while breastfeeding if you are not pregnant...only if you are!!!
by misseltoe, Sep 03, 2006

A lot of women who are breastfeeding get pregnant before they have their first cycle.  It's pretty common.  Some by accident some on purpose.  You very well could be pregnant if you had sex at the right time.
by mandymoo1983, Sep 03, 2006
well my babies are less then a year apart i was exclusivly breastfeeding my dd i fell pregant when she was only 6 weeks old and mind you i was also on the mini pill this is even rarer my af hadent even returned yet so yeah i now have a 14 month old and a 10 week old.
you are pregnant i would bet the older your baby the easier it is to get pregnant breast feeding is definatly NOT  a reliable form of birth control as another poster said you ovulate befor your period starts dont you good luck keep us all posted
by nicki1010, Sep 03, 2006
actually my younger sisters ae only nine 18months apart. it does happen
by myproblem, Sep 03, 2006
Pregnancy hormones are normally only produced if you are really pregnant. Lactating produces totally different hormones.
by Axana, May 17, 2010
You could get pregnant before you get your period. My sister bf for a year, with no periods, and then she got pregnant without ever getting her period.
If you went for a long period of not bf, like longer than 6 hours two times in a row, or if your baby suddenly started sleeping through the night, than yes, big chance you ovulated, and got pregnant.
Unless you tested positive on the pregnancy test, you cant be positive that you are pregnant, especially if your baby is still nursing around the clock, and didnt have a long period of no nursing.