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Thanks but no thanks

first off let me thank those who have given me advise in the past week or so i want to say this you have been helpful in my search for answers but i find it rediculous that a bunch of grown women who want to or have brought children in this world are acting so childish. its sad when someone searches through the site to nag and complain about posting too much. i could understand if the same question was posted numerous times throughout the day  but i havent done that. im like many here wanting answers that a simple yahoo or google search cant tell me. i thought this place was for sharing information. i must have been wrong because i have gotten more you exceeded your limit on questions for the weeks than anything. whichwas what a whole 3 freakin question??!! and really what is it going to hurt if someone asks a few questions.?? does it really hurt you or is it that much of a bothersome that u have to make people such as myself not want to come these sites anymore??? if you have forgotten the last time i checked that was what this site for.yes 2 per 6 mo but its ok honestly i think if its that muchof a problem and you cant sleep at night maybe you should report it to the site administrator & if someone was spamming the site dont you think they would of takin care of that?? anyways again thanks for the help and good luck to you but i will no longer be looking for help here there are just too many people with nothing better to do than worry about things that dont effect them and the rudeness i have gotten isnt worth my time. i stress far too much with my own infertility issues
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I'm sorry this has happened to you! I have been on this site for 4 months now and I've never seen this happen before. If someone posts too much, I usually just ignore it. I know I've posted at least 4 times in the 4 months I've been on this forum. I have to say, most women on here are very nice and polite to each other. I always get wonderful advice. Just don't let it get to you!!! Take Care!!!
I'm sorry you feel that way. I think a new poster found out that their isn't a thread max on patient to patient forums so maybe it will be better now that other posters are aware of this??  I think people just get upset easily and their hormones are going. I don't think you should leave but understand if you want to. Their are other good forums out there......ivillage, amoung others, so if you do need to leave you could try those to see if they are a better fit.
Good luck in your TTC journey!
I ve been coming to this site since January after i had my miscarriage and the women on here have been more than helpful.  It got me throught the roughest part of my healing.  Yeah sometimes SOME people get petty and argumentative for no reason and turn a simple question into a big issue.. Oh well for them.  THey are the people who sit on their computers all day just looking for something to do.  

Just chose to ignore the women who are seeming to "attack" you and keep on asking your questions.. dont worry about what people say.. this is after all, a computer forum..

Oh.. there is obviously no posting limit on this forum anymore.  There used to be a 5 question maximum but they have done away with that rule... so if you need to ask questions every other day, go for it.  OR you can use an open forum and hope that you get some responses..

good luck girl, i am sorry that this made you angry!
I'll repost this, since the thread it was in originally in went bye-bye.

Hi Everyone,

Actually, the posting "Do not post more than 2 new questions within a 6-month period, in forums (Public Areas) that are limited to the number of new questions accepted daily.", applies ONLY to the following forums:

Breast Cancer
Child Behavioral Health
Dental Health
Eye Care
HIV Prevention & Safe Sex
Mental Health
Ovarian Cancer (beginning June 15. 2006)
Respiratory Disorders
Stroke Rehabilitation

The above rule does not apply to forums not on the list, however we ask people to be considerate and let everyone have a chance at getting their new question posted.

We hope this clears up any confusion about the "rules".

Med Help International
thanks for clearing up the posting issues.
Unfortunately I know what you are talking about and if me I hope me asking those ppl to stop has not put me in that same category as childish :(.....I have always got support from this site and was really sorry as i said in your previous post that ppl could be so tactless.....please stay on as there are only a few that get a bee in there bonnet about too many post but hopefully with Medihelp clarification everyone cant get back to what this site does best, providing help and support!

Best of luck and (((baby dust))) to you.
i think that this site has and does help many women, on the other hand i do agree that certain people are paying way too much attention to others posts when really it is the administrators that should be worrying about this if it is a problem, not them.  please don't let these people ruin everything for you.  i just ignore all of their posts and try not to let it bother me.  good luck to you in ttc and i hope eveything works out for you.  *~*~*~*baby dust*~*~*~
I think what's sad is that the people that post twice fall into two categories.  1. It was just an accident and 2. their post turned into and open forum and everyone forgot what the question was, therefore they don't get an answer and try again.  So now you've got someone getting attacked over an accident or what have you and they are trying to defend themselves.  I have seen people get run off from this site because of this.  I know that there are people out there who are just that way and we should ignore them but some people are sensitive and can't handle it.  There was this BIG deal made about the post and how many per week per 6 months or whatever and it's not even accurate!  All of that over something that isn't even true.  I've seen it get really NASTY here and the above poster is right, some folks don't have much else to do.  I hope they can learn to be ignored, but more importantly I hope that they themselves realize what an impact they can have on the people that come here.
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