Two vessel cord/SUA
by 2girls, Aug 23, 2006
Hi All

I had my 20 week ultrasound yesterday and the techician determined that the umbilical cord only has two vessels instead of the normal three, one vessel is a vein and the other an artery, which is sufficient enough to sustain a pregnancy, but not normal.  My ob said that everything else was normal and that my baby (which we found out is a girl!) is thus far not affected by this and she is growing right on target.  But he suggests that toward the latter part of my pregnany, at about 34 weeks, I should be monitored more closely and be seen every week to make sure that the baby is not in distress and is growing properly, and if not they need to induce me.

I came home and did some research and now I am concerned.  There can be many problems associated with a two vessel cord pregnancy, such as kidney, heart, bladder, and neurological

Needless to say I am an emotional wreck.  My first two pregnancies went without problems and I was not prepared for this news.  My ob is not concerned though, he said that I should not worry but that we need to be more watchful, but I think there should be further evaluation.

Do any of you have any information or experiences with this abnormality.

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by who_is_this, Aug 23, 2006
It's not terribly uncommon, and most times is just an incidental finding at delivery if not diagnosed prenatally.  The good news is that apparently all other anatomy with your baby is normal, per your recent scan.  

It can also sometimes be associated with IUGR as you get farther in your pregnancy, but your doctor is already planning on doing more surveillance as that time approaches.
by nicki1010, Aug 23, 2006
im sorry i dont know anything on that subject i just wanted to let you know that your in my prayers. but i believe if the dr said not to worry and your little girl is on target take for what it is.
by kellym, Aug 23, 2006
I just wanted to let you know that my sister has the smartest baby that came from a 2-vessel cord. She had no clue what it meant and only found out now with her second pregnancy when the dr. mentioned it at a visit... Must not be as uncommon as we think. I'm sure you will be fine :)
by kmp1971, Aug 23, 2006
Just to try to offer you some nephew (22 mos. old) only had a two vessel cord...and he is and has always been very healthy and just fine.  Little "not normal" things like this happen all the time, without consequence.  Try to focus on the fact that everything else looks good...and hope that this is just one of those unique little things about your pregnancy. When I was pregnant with my first son, they detected an enlarged left kidney, and it really worried me needlessly. He was checked after he was born, and it was nothing. I know this will not erase your anxiety...but I'm sure that your daughter will be just fine.  Congratulations!! I'm having another boy!
by 2girls, Aug 23, 2006
Thanks to all.  Your comments really have helped to ease my worries.  I did speak to the ob again, and went over all my concerns, and he has reassured me that everything is still okay and that I should go on as normal.

We give our all to our children, even when they are in the womb, and it is so hard to image that they may be suffering or not getting what they need, and that is my greatest concern.  I will put my faith back into the pregnancy and hope for the best and wish you all the best in whatever your endeavor may be.

Thanks again
2girls/soon to be 3
by stormy1373, Aug 23, 2006
I was so happy when they found 3 vessels regarding my "cord", I thought we are out of the woods!  but we werent...and other people have had very normal, happy, healthy babies with two vessels, so I dont know how much to make of the 2 or 3 vessel subject.  I think yours will be just a wierd anomally.  Everything sounds normal and on target.  Try not to worry, as hard as it is, and if I were you, I would try to avoid the internet about it.  You may read things that are discouraging and stress you out, but go on to have a fabulously healthy baby.
In my case, 3 vessels did not mean a healthy baby and you have read here from posters, 2 vessels equaled a healthy baby.  Good luck hun...
by lisa128, Aug 24, 2006
Hello when I had my son one of the vessels fused together with another in the cord. He was perfectly fine with no problems. It is very possible that all 3 are there and that two just tangled up together which they won't know until they look at it after she is born. They did an ultrasound on my son when he was born to see if he had two kidneys. He did and then they examined the cord. Good luck to you and your baby!
by deester64, Sep 05, 2006
I have had 4 Level 1's I go tomorrow for a level 2 I am really confused by all this and terrified, I am 34, 4th pregnancy, I have never heard of this before now, can anyone help me out? Blood tests wee negative and the ultrasounds are coming up ok I guess, they are just talking about the 2 vessel cord.
by Barbie410, Jan 04, 2008
I am 19 years old and i am 38 weeks 4 days pregnant. I first got a screening test that indicated my daughter has 1/110 chance of having down syndrome. Then found out she had a bright spot in the heart and one vein and one artey in the umbilical cord. Also there is blood clots in the placenta with her. They did ultrasounds every week until i was 34 weeks along. My stomach is not measuring over 35 weeks along. So just remember some people even have it worse than you do. Good luck